ITS Organisational Details

ITS delivers technology that underpins the University's 2020 strategic plan and digital strategy. We work in a matrix structure consisting of:

  • three value streams with end-to-end accountability for technology (Learning, Teaching and Research, Student Lifecycle, University Operations).
  • three groups that provide expertise and guidance on ICT strategy, security, operations and governance.

Leading the ITS team is RMIT’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Paul Oppenheimer.

Learn more about us:

ITS organisational chart overview (PDF 30.2KB)

Meet the ITS Executive Leadership Team (PDF 40 KB)

Working with the University:

Our Business Technology Partners (BTPs) and Senior Portfolio Managers (SPMs) are an important contact point for business stakeholders. BTPs provide an interface between ITS and the university portfolios and help steer the strategic planning and execution of initiatives for delivery. SPMs lead the delivery of an investment portfolio of projects, ensuring project delivery is optimised, well governed and contributing to the overall success of the portfolio. See the streams below for BTP and SPM details and contacts.

ITS structure and contacts by area:

Chief Information Office

Learning, Teaching and Research

Director, Technology: Michelle Rennie

Business Technology Partner: Emma Guerin

Senior Portfolio Manager: Mauran Sabaretnam

Learning, Teaching and Research organisational chart

Student Lifecycle

Director, Technology: Michael Bobele

Business Technology Partner: Jenny Cummins

Senior Portfolio Manager: Troy Severino

Student lifecycle organisational chart

University Operations

Director, Technology: Sinan Erbay

Business Technology Partner: Jodie Black

Senior Portfolio Manager: Gennadiy Belobrov

University Operations organisational chart

Chief Technology Office

Chief Information Security Office

Other contacts

Global IT support

Organisational summaries of ITS staff undertaking IT activities globally:

ITS - Vietnam campus organisational chart (PDF 157 KB)