Women’s health

There are many health issues that only affect women. This page provides some quick tips and links to help keep your mind, body and soul healthy.

Staying healthy

Making some simple changes to your lifestyle can improve your health; they can also help to prevent many chronic conditions like heart disease or cancer in the long term.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy.

  • Keep your alcohol consumption to a healthy level. Statistically, you are more at risk of sexual assault when you are intoxicated.
  • Avoid smoking. If you are having trouble quitting, check out some of these tips.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet, high in lean meats, calcium, fruit, vegetables and trace nutrients.
  • Keep active. Research shows that women get fitter when they exercise with others.
  • Share your feelings and talk about them with those you trust most. Women have higher rates of mental illness than men, so get advice and support early. Our counselling service can help you with this.
  • Listen to your body and be aware of its needs.
  • If you are ever worried, consult a health professional.

Breast and reproductive health

Statistically, breast and reproductive health issues are significant causes of long-term illness and disability for women. But most conditions are easily treated if diagnosed early. Some things you should always do are:

  • have a pap test every two years if you have ever been sexually active or when you turn 18 (whichever comes first). Do this even if you have had a cervical cancer vaccine
  • have a cervical cancer vaccine
  • get a sexual health check every six months or so
  • practise safe sex
  • perform a breast self-examination regularly.

Healthy relationships

Good relationships can keep us happy and healthy and get us through the hard times.

Reach Out has some great advice on building better relationships.

Relationships can turn sour, and if they do, you need to be safe. If you experience violence or sexual assault, visit the resources of the Women’s Domestic Violence Service or the Centre for Sexual Assault for more information. In an emergency call 000 for Police.

Our counselling service can assist with advice and psychological support for students regarding personal and family relationships.

Check out Family Planning Victoria for advice on contraception or unplanned pregnancies.

Useful resources

The Royal Women's Hospital Health Information Centre provides information on women’s health matters. It has fact sheets and online access to nurses, midwives and pharmacists.

Health Insite the Australian Government’s health information service.

Pap Screen provides information about Pap tests (also known as Pap smears) which test for cervical cancer.

Breast Screen Victoria offers free mammograms to all women aged over 40.

The Centre for Sexual Assault provides victims and survivors of sexual assault with comprehensive and timely support and intervention.

The Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service is a Victorian state-wide service for women experiencing violence and abuse.

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