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The RMIT University Learning Repository is a digital content repository and hosts a variety of RMIT created and licensed resources that are available for use for learning and teaching purposes, or marketing & promotional purposes.

Digital collections and items hosted within the repository are searchable by keyword, course codes or school, as well as other unique identifiers.

Popular collections

Open educational resources collection contains links to image and educational resources that are available for use under Creative Commons, educational use licence or in the public domain.

RMIT images collection includes snapshots of Buildings, events and activities, campus life and students, general and eSimulations.

RMIT historical images collection includes digitised photographs depicting the heritage of RMIT University.

Architecture image collection contains photographs of Australian architecture from the School of Architecture. This collection also includes images of architecture posters and Frank Lloyd Wright drawings.

RMIT Handbooks collection contains digitised copies of handbooks and prospectus published by RMIT and predecessor institutions. They are available as PDF documents.

Learning and teaching collections

Video and audio collection contains third party video and audio licensed for use for learning and teaching purposes.

Photography collection contains images relevant to teaching and learning taken by RMIT staff or licensed for educational use within RMIT.

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