Recruitment and employment of casual staff policy

Intent and objectives

This policy sets out the principles for the recruitment and employment of casual staff members over a defined period of time, in accordance with the University’s Workplace Agreements.


The objectives of this policy are to:

a) Enable RMIT to attract and retain skilled, motivated and client-focused employees.

b) Provide a managed approach to the recruitment and employment of casual staff.

c) Ensure appropriate casual employment within RMIT’s overall staffing.

RMIT needs to maintain flexibility whilst ensuring that sound recruitment and staff management practices are in place to attract quality casual staff and manage their employment.


This policy applies to all staff employed on a casual basis at RMIT University.


Fixed term and continuing staff

Policy provisions

The University is committed to employing suitably skilled, qualified and experienced casual staff members and that they are provided with adequate information and support.

Payment of casuals

All casual staff are engaged and paid by the hour (according to the salary schedule in the relevant Workplace Agreement).

Employment period

Each work period is a separate and distinct period of employment. Casual staff are engaged with no guarantee or expectation of work beyond the period of their current employment.

A casual staff member will not be required to work more than five consecutive hours without a meal break.


All casual staff should be adequately inducted into the University working environment.


Leave is regulated by the relevant Workplace Agreement.

Workcover and OHS

Casual staff are covered by RMIT’s policies for workcover and occupational health and safety.


Casual employment is subject to satisfactory performance in accordance with the expectations set by the staff member’s supervisor. Where a staff member’s performance is assessed as unsatisfactory, the employment may be terminated.


A casual staff member may apply in writing for conversion to continuing or fixed term employment when they meet the conversion criteria as outlined in the relevant Workplace Agreement. Conversion will have to be approved in line with the Staffing Delegations Schedule.

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