31 October 2013

RMIT represented at ‘Around the Bay’ bike ride

Around the Bay

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On Sunday 20 October 2013, more than 14,000 cyclists took part in the 21st annual BUPA ‘Around the Bay’ bike ride. We had a team of almost 90 RMIT lycra-clad riders participate across six distances.

Ride options varied from the family-friendly 20km ride to the enormous challenge of the 250km ride with seven courageous RMIT team members taking on the full stint.

It was a beautiful 30-degree sunny day despite the testing wind gusts and headwind all the way from Sorrento to Melbourne. Many of the cyclists rode over the Westgate Bridge and ferried across Port Phillip Bay from Queenscliff to Sorrento.

Getting involved in Around the Bay is not only a fantastic way to boost health and fitness, but also to raise funds for the Smith Family charity who helps disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education.

RMIT Link Sport and Recreation encourages all RMIT members to get involved in similar events throughout the year.

RMIT was also represented in the UniHUB where riders could come in for refreshments and a well-deserved massage after a hard day on the road. Congratulations to all the cyclists and everyone involved for participating in such a great cause.

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