Mobile phones and tablets

For a mobile workforce

Mobile phones and tablets

At RMIT University, we understand that some staff members will need a work provided mobile or tablet to perform their duties effectively. If you’re often out of the office or regularly need to make contact after hours, it just makes sense.

If that sounds like you, we can help. We provide advice on the most suitable devices and plans, manage the order and delivery process, assist with device set-up and provide ongoing support. We can even organise the transfer of old data and contacts to your new device.

It’s a specialty service we offer to RMIT’s Victorian based staff. Just fill-in the paperwork and we’ll take care of the rest.


Here’s what you get:

  • advice on selecting the most appropriate, RMIT approved device for your requirements
  • device procurement (delivery within four weeks)
  • mobile network service plan (including data allowance for use in Australia)
  • device set-up (includes mail, contacts, calendar and wireless access)
  • data and contact migration from old to new device.

Additional Options

  • international roaming voice and data plans
  • device accessories
  • operating system upgrades.

Please note:

The cost of mobile service and usage charges, the cost of repair (beyond warranty terms and conditions) and the set-up or repair of privately owned devices are outside the scope of this service.

Availability of mobile network services depend on your location, the device and Telstra’s mobile network coverage. The service can be affected by network outages and Telstra’s maintenance schedule.


Ready to get on with IT?

To apply for a new service, please complete this form and email it to

Billing for mobile phones and tablets is centrally managed. Any device expenses incurred will be charged back to your cost centre each month.

If you’re requesting a new device, a new service, or both – we’ll respond to you within five business days. For general help with your device, we’ll respond within 15 minutes and aim to have things resolved within one business day.