Student Email List Service FAQs

The student Electronic Mail Systems (EMS) enables authorised staff to email students using the Student EMS List Service (SELS).

How do I obtain authorisation to send an email to a student list?

All staff can email a group of students by course or program code in accordance with the University's strict rules of use. A complete list of authorised users is located on the student email list web page.

What happens to student email lists when students enrol late or cancel their placement in a class?

The lists are refreshed nightly to cater for late enrolments and cancellations.

Can students send email to lists of students?


Why are my students not receiving my email?

There may be a number of reasons why a student in your class is not receiving your email. Refer to the following checklist for more information:

  • Ensure you are sending the email via your Google Apps account (i.e. not an external email provider)
  • Ensure your students are accessing email via their RMIT student email account (i.e. not an external provider)
  • Check with your relevant school/college student administration unit that the student is correctly enrolled.

If you have verified each of these factors, and the student is still not receiving your email, please contact the Service and Support Centre.

Can I email students when I am off campus?

Yes, but you must use your Google Apps account staff email account.

How do I send an email to multiple student lists/addresses?

As you can only include one email list address in the "To:" field, any additional email addresses must be included in the "CC:" field.

Can I continue to utilise email lists after the class has finished for the semester?

No. Email lists start being populated four weeks prior to the commencement of a program and student addresses are removed four weeks after the student no longer has an active enrolment in a course.