Managing inappropriate/unauthorised users on social media procedure



This procedure provides direction for the removal or reporting of unauthorised, inappropriate, illegal or fraudulent social media accounts operating under the RMIT University name.


RMIT staff members who create or manage content on RMIT University’s social media accounts.

Procedure steps and actions

Procedure (including Key Points)



1. Ensuring ownership of RMIT’s social media account user and profile names supports an authentic online presence and a consistent view across RMIT University's web presence.

Inappropriate or illegal use on social media includes:

a) deliberately or inadvertently creating social media accounts under the RMIT name or products, preventing RMIT from using those account names, including by RMIT staff members

b) registration of an inappropriate user name claiming an association with RMIT or its products

c) a cyber squatter registering an account on social media to interact under a fraudulent RMIT profile

d) misleadingly using feeds of third-party content to update and maintain accounts under the RMIT name

e) unacceptable or unauthorised use of RMIT name, logo or other brand assets, as outlined in the Brand (Visual Identity) Policy

f) unacceptable or unauthorised activity that damages the RMIT brand or reputation as defined in the Brand (Visual Identity) Policy.

2. All instances of inappropriate or illegal representation of RMIT University on social media must be reported to the Senior Social Media Analyst, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy.

3. An RMIT Spokesperson responsible for management of a social media account must advise Digital and Customer Experience Strategy if the RMIT brand is being used in any way that infringes on RMIT brand or trademark as outlined in the Brand (Visual Identity) Policy.

4. Where a social media account has been set up to hijack the RMIT name and interact under a fraudulent profile, the Senior Social Media Analyst will take steps to shut down the account in accordance with the Deleting External Websites Procedure.

5. Where use of the RMIT name has not been established with malicious intentions, the Senior Social Media Analyst will:

a) determine if the account has been established by an RMIT staff member or student

b) approach the stakeholder with sensitivity to their intentions and investment with the following options:

  • negotiate transfer of ownership to an official spokesperson,
  • review whether the social media account is allowed under specific Terms of Service permitting parody, commentary or fan accounts, or
  • register the account on the RMIT Social Media Register and review against the Social Media Policy

6. At their discretion, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy may allow an existing ‘unofficial’ account to continue, under the conditions that:

a) it is rebranded as ‘unofficial’, so as not to confuse or splinter the community

b) the ‘unofficial’ account does not infringe on RMIT trademarks, including the RMIT name, marks, logos, and insignias, images of identifiable properties and landmarks and symbols that have become commonly associated with RMIT or any of its campuses

c) content on the site is not harmful to RMIT’s reputation and does not breach Code of Conduct Policy, Web Content Policy or Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Resources Policy

d) the account does not use RMIT content or otherwise contravene the Intellectual Property Policy.


Senior Social
Media Analyst

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