RMIT Vietnam Program Development Fund 2012

Summary of projects

Project title

Redevelopment of the Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems)

Project leader

Dr Stefan Greuter

Project team

  • Dr Shaun Wilson
  • Mira Thurner
  • Don Gordon
  • Jeremy Parker
  • Ruth Moeller
  • Pollyanna Sutton (External Consultant)

Project summary

This project addressed the development of a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) program to replace the Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems) BP 153 in Melbourne and in Vietnam. The current Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems) program is a multi-disciplinary 4 year program with courses contributed from 4 schools and was previously owned by the School of Computer Science and IT. The majority of onshore students and all of the Vietnam students however are enrolled in the Design specialisation offered by the School of Media and Communication. In Vietnam enrolments have exhibited continual growth whereas in Melbourne student numbers have gradually declined since 2005 and the relevancy of the programs focus was felt to be too technical relative to industry needs in both Melbourne and Vietnam.

Based on the strong preference of students towards the design specialisation, the program’s ownership was changed to the School of Media and Communication with the view to replace the program with a new program that addresses the current relevancy, viability and quality concerns in both Melbourne and Vietnam and in response to the University’s Strategic Plan of a Global University and the University’s Business Plan of developing programs in Vietnam.

In order to replace the old program with the new program by 2014, the program development needed to be fast tracked to meet University program approval deadlines. The RVPDF grant supported this development.

A novel aspect enabled of the program development that was enabled by the RVPDF grant was the presence of RMIT Vietnam’s Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems) program director during the program structure and course development process. His presence made not only the swift development of the program possible, but also renewed and strengthened bridges between the program team in Vietnam, the program staff in the Games and Animation cluster of programs but also the School of Media and Communication in general.

Another highlight of the program development was that the RVPDF grant enabled the project team to engage an external consultant to facilitate the development of the AQF compliant program materials within a short timeframe and during the very busy period of the year. The consultant worked closely with the program staff and the Senior Advisor L&T from the DSC College on the development of AQF compliant course guides leading to a stronger buy in for the process and the new program structure. Staff could suddenly see the possibilities and opportunities.

The development resulted in a positive vibe around the program and good relationships were fostered with many parts of the University that will strengthen the fabric of RMIT’s global brand.


The RVPDF project achieved the following three outcomes:

  • Development of a new Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) to replace the program Bachelor of Design ( Multimedia Systems)
  • Development of business case document for a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) within a short timeframe
  • Timely submission of all documents

The program proposal is currently at the DSC college office for review.

Download Full Report [PDF, 55 KB]