08 May 2014

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Join the crowd as artists, human rights organisations and the Australian public unite and contribute to social change.

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Human Rights Arts and Film Festival


to 22 May, 2014


Federation Square and Australian Centre for the Moving Image

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Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation devoted to the exploration of human rights issues. Back in its seventh year, HRAFF has selected a collection of arts and films to inform you, including:

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales

A film about an Australian tourist who stumbles upon a hidden legacy of war crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Light Fly, Fly High

A film about a girl’s journey to become a professional boxer amidst gender inequality in India

Where Heaven Meets Hell

A film about four Indonesian sulphur miners who risks their lives engulfed in toxic clouds to give a better future for their children

Lesser Gods

An amalgamation of sound, moving image and interactivity about spiritual and visual traditions by Indigenous visual artist Ryan Presley

Rich Hill

A film about three boys’ journey through adolescence, poverty, broken families and mental illness in Missouri

HRAFF is also showcasing other art exhibitions and films to transport you to Japan, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Uganda, Brazil and beyond.

For more information, go to Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.

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Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Presenting the best films and artwork from around the world, the annual Human Rights Arts and Film Festival will challenge, touch and inspire audiences from all walks of life.