Referencing Artists and Grazing the 700s exhibitions

The exhibitions Referencing Artists, a survey of Alumni artists and current RMIT staff, and Grazing the 700s, a selection of student work from the RMIT School of Art, were two exhibitions on display at Swanston Library.

Artists by nature are very curious people, they are visual magpies; taking images from here, storing ideas there. And, generally speaking, they like to inhabit libraries. A library is a storehouse of knowledge, history and fresh thinking. An advantage of the RMIT 700s collection is its expansive range which is primarily the result of the broad scope of art and design subjects offered at RMIT.

From art to architecture, communications to ceramics, fashion to film, photography to printing, interior design to landscape architecture, sculpture to silversmithing - there is a vibrant and healthy cross pollination from one discipline to another.

The artists represented in these exhibitions, Grazing the 700s and Referencing Artists, all have a connection to RMIT, either as alumni, staff or student. Art students and recent graduates with relatively very little exhibition exposure are exhibited next to highly prominent and celebrated artists. What unites them is that they have all referenced and gazed upon the 700s collection.

Referencing Artists are:

  • Charles Anderson
  • Scott Anderson
  • Irene Barberis
  • Adam Browne
  • Carolyn Cardinet
  • Jon Cattapan
  • Rhett D'Costa
  • Cathy Drummond
  • Hannah Dunlop
  • Craig Easton
  • Phil Edwards
  • Peter Ellis
  • Philip Faulks
  • Catherine Foot
  • Louise Forthun
  • Joanne Gillespie
  • Julian Goddard
  • Angus Hamilton
  • Jon Hatfield
  • Bill Hay
  • Harry Hay
  • Joyce Huang
  • Linda Judge
  • Donna Kendrigan
  • Robin Kingston
  • John MacKinnon
  • Georgina Matherson
  • Chris Murray
  • Fleur Summers
  • David Thomas
  • Brie Trenerry
  • Claire Watson
  • Anna White
  • Susan Wyers

Curated by Susan Wyers.

Grazing the 700s are:

  • Reilly Allen
  • Michael Armstrong
  • Zoe Bastin
  • Cordelia Crosbie
  • Simon Crosbie
  • Mig Dann
  • Alexander Dathe
  • Tori Day
  • Josephine Franklin
  • Greg Fullerton
  • Martin George
  • Edith Gilfedder
  • Cy Gorman
  • Paddy Hay
  • Jungwoo Hong
  • Nia Johnson
  • Mau Lui King
  • Amanda Laming
  • Shaun-Joel Liew
  • Thomas MacAllen
  • Robert Mangion
  • Simon Mazzei
  • Raphaela Mazzone
  • Yaron Meron
  • Grace Myers
  • Lesley O’Gorman
  • James Parkinon
  • Grace Pickford
  • Danielle Reynolds
  • Chung Kong Nigel Tan
  • Gemma Topliss
  • ShangDa Ye

Curated by Phil Edwards.