Policy review

The Policy on Policies requires all policies and procedures to be reviewed at least every five years.

Many policies and procedures are reviewed before their fifth year of existence, however those that have not are addressed by the Annual Policy Review process conducted by the University Secretariat. The Annual Policy Review process alerts Policy Sponsors (members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive) to policies or procedures not having been reviewed since the date of first approval or the date of last substantive review. Policy sponsors provide advice on time frames for review which are subsequently compiled into the 2015 Policy review schedule (XLSX 57KB) and submitted to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.

When revising an established policy or procedure, there are four possible courses of action open to the policy developer:

  • Substantive amendments to be made to the policy or procedure
  • Minor amendments (editorial or other) to be made to the policy or procedure
  • No change to the policy or procedure
  • Rescind the policy or procedure
  • The level of approval differs for each course of action. See the policy approval section of the policy toolkit for further information.

Objectives when reviewing policy or procedure

When reviewing a policy or procedure, the following objectives must be considered:

  • Is this a function or activity for which we should have a policy or procedure?
  • Can compliance be monitored in a systematic way?
  • Is the policy or procedure being complied with at a satisfactory level and, if not, what changes, support or resources need to be part of the revised policy or procedure’s implementation plan?
  • Is it inclusive of new business?
  • Is the nomenclature relevant and correct?
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