RMIT’s Managed Operating Environment

A Managed Operating Environment (MOE) is the implementation of standard hardware and software on all computers within an organisation. At RMIT, this includes environments for both Windows and Mac computers.

The benefits of an MOE include:

  • a standard user ‘look and feel’
  • a clear framework for IT staff to implement and support hardware and software
  • minimising the time taken to install new computers
  • faster issue resolution for existing computers.

See below for more information.

MOE versions and operating system

Operating System

Operating System Version

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) SP1

Apple OSX

10.11 El Capitan



Windows - Standard included applications

Windows 7

3of9 Barcode Font


Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Reader



dotNET Framework 4.5.x

File Zilla Client


Flash Player


Internet Explorer 11


Java 8 (x64)

Java 8 (x86)


Microsoft Office 2010 (x86)

Microsoft Project 2010 (x86)

Microsoft Visio 2010 (x86)




Shockwave Player



VisualC++ 2003 SP1

VisualC++ 2005 (x64)

VisualC++ 2005 (x86)

VisualC++ 2008 (x64)

VisualC++ 2008 (x86)

VisualC++ 2010 (x64)

VisualC++ 2010 (x86)

VisualC++ 2012 (x64)

VisualC++ 2012 (x86)

VisualC++ 2015 (x64)

VisualC++ 2015 (x86)

VLC Media Player


Mac - Standard included applications for Labs

Visit myCommunity to find out about the latest Mac OS X updates available to download. Upgrading will also bring your Mac in line with our Mac labs.

Apple OS X El Capitan v10.11

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe Digital Editions v4.0.2

Adobe Flash Player v20.0.0.267

Apple Compressor v4.2.1

Apple Final Cut Pro X + Content v10.2.2

Apple iBooks Author v2.4

Apple Motion + Content v5.2.2

Apple QuickTime 7 Pro v7.6.6

Apple Xcode v7.2

Audacity v2.0.6

Autodesk MatchMover 2014

Autodesk Maya 2016 SP5

Autodesk Mudbox 2016 Extension 1

Bare Bones TextWrangler v4.5.12

Blender Foundation Blender v2.76b

Celtx v2.9.7

Citrix Receiver v12.1

Cyberduck v4.6

Evernote Skitch v2.7.6

Fetch v5.7.4

Firelight Technologies FMOD Designer v4.44.60

Firelight Technologies FMOD Studio v1.07.05

GIMP v2.8.14

Google Chrome v48.0.2564.103

Google Earth v7.1

Google Picasa v3.9.139

Handbrake v0.10

Mac Support Summary v1.4

McAfee Agent v4.8.0.1938

Microsoft Office 2016 v15.17

Mozilla Firefox v44.0

NetNewsWire v3.3

Newgrounds Swivel v1.11

Papercut PCClient v15.0

Pencil v0.4.4b

Processing v3.0.2

Research Systems Unix Group Fugu v1.2.1


RMIT Desktop and Screen Saver

Second Life Viewer v4.0.1.310054

Self Service v9.81

Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip v1.9.3b8

VLC v2.2.1

Wacom Tablet v6.3.11w3

Wiring v1.1