Technical training

Skill up on technology – at your own pace

Technical training

If you’re a member of staff at RMIT University, it’s important to remember that learning isn’t just for students. Being pro-active and managing your professional development is important too.

That’s where our range of self-paced, online courses and resources can help. They’ll ensure you stay progressive and on top of technology and the technical skills related to your role.

Our online training library is available to all permanent staff and focuses on business and information technology skills and software. There's also specialised IT training that covers everything from ITIL and Oracle through to CISCO equipment.

And because our courses and e-learning resources are self-paced, you can work through them according to your schedule.


Here’s what you get:

  • online IT skill training (general workplace and specific)
  • self-paced learning
  • no cost access
  • access to the video library – for software, business and creative courses
  • online resources – including product tours, industry reports, user and implementation guides.

Please note – accreditation exams, classroom training and more general professional development (business and interpersonal skills, self-development) are outside the scope of this service. Visit the Professional development web page for more information.


Ready to get on with IT?

Access to all online technical training and e-learning resources is provided at no cost.

For help requests concerning the training or resources provided, we’ll be in touch within one business day and work to get things sorted within five business days. If you’re having problems accessing the SkillSoft page, we’ll respond within two business days and aim to resolve things within five business days.