Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Animators: Living Laboratory Public Art Program

Why are you running this program?

With construction activity a daily part of City campus life and the New Academic Street (NAS) construction program in full swing, the Urban Animators: Living Laboratory public art program uses elements from the live construction site to display artistic responses and installations. It’s an engaging way to utilise the footprint of the NAS construction project. Artists will be paid for their commissioned works that will be incorporated into prominent public sites scattered across the campus.

About the Urban Animators: Living Laboratory Elective

Who can enrol?

RMIT undergraduate students from all disciplines are invited to enrol in the course.

What is the theme of the Urban Animators Living Laboratory program?

The themes for the Urban Animators: Living Laboratory program in 2016 will draw inspiration from Urban Ecology. Participants are encouraged to become urban explorers when responding to the dynamic and ever-changing conditions of a live construction site.

If I enrol in the Elective, am I guaranteed a spot to realise work on the City Campus?

No, the Elective is designed to support students to iteratively develop and communicate artistic site responsive concepts in response to an industry-standard brief. Students will be encouraged to develop and communicate a verbal, written and graphic response with the potential to have only two concepts from the elective cohort chosen to have their work fully realised within the NAS construction area.

Do selected artists get paid?

There is no payment for the development of the concept during the elective scheduled sessions. Selected concepts will be paid a fee to realise the concept outside of the elective period.

How will my artwork be displayed?

Artwork works will be responding to site conditions and may be displayed in a range of areas, including on construction hoarding, against building facades and within site-specific areas.

How long will artworks be on public display?

Artworks will be displayed for set amounts of time, with areas of the site being refreshed on a quarterly basis.

What is the deadline to enrol?

Students must follow the guidelines for enrolment – please visit RMIT Connect for additional assistance in enrolling.

What industry feedback will be offered to students enrolled for the Elective?

Through the Elective, a range of industry feedback and expertise will be available to students. Industry experts will include members of the New Academic Street Project team, associated construction consultants and sub-contractors.


Is there a materials fee for the course?

No, this elective does not attract a material fee.

What materials will I need?

You will need materials to help develop a concept, ie sketchbook, paper, pens, pencils and markers.

Ownership of artwork

Who will own the artwork selected to be realised after the Elective scheduled period?

The artwork commissioned to be realised will receive an acquisition fee. The artist remains the sole owner of all Intellectual Property Rights associated with the work. The Artist grants to RMIT a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to make and use images of the Work.

What will happen to the artwork following the Campaign?

All artwork will be sustainably repurposed.


Who should I contact if this Q&A doesn’t answer my question?

If your question has to do with online enrolment, please contact RMIT Connect at, otherwise please send an email to curator and tutor Grace Leone at

How do I enrol?

  • Log in to myRMIT and select ‘ENROLMENT ONLINE’
  • Go to ‘ADD classes’ and select ‘CLASS SEARCH’

Use the following information to the find the elective:

Course Title: Urban Animators: Living Laboratory
Subject Area and Catalogue number: OART 1050
Class Number: 4101.

If you have any questions related to online enrolment, please contact RMT Connect at

What are the Course details?
Urban Animators: Living Laboratory elective – 2016 Semester 1
Tutor: Grace Leone
University Wide Elective: Undergraduate Students Only
Time/Day: Friday 9.30-12.30pm
Location: Building 050.01.001