RMIT Training view of myRMIT

What you’ll see in myRMIT desktop if you are an RMIT Training student in Australia.


  • RMIT announcements – the official communication channel from RMIT to you. If we need to tell you something important, we’ll send you an RMIT announcement.
  • Email – displays the number of unread emails along with a direct link to Gmail.
  • Launch applications – a handy link to Netstorage.
  • Latest news and events – information about exciting RMIT news and events from across the globe.


  • Programs – displays the programs in which you’re enrolled, and links to study resources, such as Blackboard.
  • Courses – displays the courses in which you’re enrolled.
  • Library – this portlet provides details of your RMIT University Library account with a link to more information.
  • Related links – direct links to a range of useful resources to help with your learning.


  • View your assessment marks and grades on the day they are released, along with your results from previous semesters.


  • Check the personal details we have for you on file. From here you can also update your personal details.