26 March 2014

Luke goes to Canada

Luke Tengstrom

Have fun in Canada, Luke – we’re proud of you!

Luke Tengstrom came into class with enthusiasm. He came out with a scholarship.

“I come to university excited to learn more about topics I’m interested in,” says Luke. His passion is evident from what he has accomplished. Up to his final year of Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Luke Tengstrom has worked at banks, technology firms and advertising agencies.

Luke draws his inspiration from other accomplished young adults, particularly those who go against the norm in creating awesome start-ups. Marketing magazines and networking events help keep his love for marketing and entrepreneurship alive.

During his recent internship at Whybin\TBWA, Luke worked on Medibank’s “Generation Better” campaign. Creating reports on competitors, conducting market research and writing blogs on industry trends described his typical days. Luke was also lucky enough to witness how radio sessions and television commercials were put together. “Rest assured I’ve never been made to get coffee or do photocopying,” he jokes.

“Studying at RMIT has been one of the best decisions I have made,” says Luke. “RMIT is miles ahead of other universities in exposing students to real world experience, which allows them to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce. Also, RMIT has really embraced technology to provide an awesome learning experience.”

Luke is now going to Canada with a scholarship. “The RMIT Scholarships website has a lot of resources for students looking for a scholarship. It is also important to build good relationships with your lecturers and tutors. I was lucky my marketing lecturer was happy to provide a reference for me”.

“I am big on travelling the globe – it is a passion of mine to explore the world and work within an international corporation. Considering how rapidly technology is evolving, I might find myself in roles that don’t yet exist today,” says Luke about his future.

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