Other considerations

The Student Charter

When participating in a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activity you are representative of RMIT. It is important that you conduct yourself responsibly and professionally at all times. The Student Charter is a practical document that reflects the University’s core values to be creative, connected, fair, passionate and committed to making a difference as well as indicating what the University and its students can expect from each other.

Financial costs associated with the WIL activity

You should be advised about any additional costs to meet the requirements of a WIL activity prior to commencing it. These may include:

  • police checks
  • Working With Children Checks
  • immunisations
  • health checks
  • first aid certificates
  • personal protective equipment requirements
  • travel and accommodation costs for field trips and placements.

Other commitments

You should also consider the impact the WIL activity may have on other commitments including:

  • childcare arrangements
  • other employment
  • study commitments
  • transport arrangements.

Medical emergency action plan

Where applicable you should provide a set of instructions for someone to follow in the event of an emergency or deterioration in your health. This should include your doctor’s contact details and any medications (including dosage) to be administered in an emergency.