Video transcript

Arthur Shelley provides an overview of how wikis are used in his knowledge management course.

Part 2: Creating and editing wiki content.

Welcome back to wikis in education. Now that we've known how to create a wiki, we can actually have a look at how to use it. In this short video, we're going to look at the very basic use of a wiki. So, creating content, editing content - that style of thing.

So, the first thing that we want to do is we want to see how we can change the content of the wiki. This is actually quite intuitive. So, you go to the homepage or whatever page you want to edit and click on 'Edit'.

Once you're in edit mode you can make all sorts of changes. Sometimes the page can't all be seen on the screen but that’s okay. You can scroll. But if you wanted to add some new content here, you simply type. And of course you've got all of the standard edit buttons that are now very common in most applications. So, you can run across and bold, italicise, justify etc, change the colours of fonts - that’s all fairly intuitive, so we won't go into it in this video.

The thing that wikis are very good at is linking between topics and the creation of a link is quite important in the wiki. It gives you that interaction. So, if we wanted to link this to another page that had more content we can do that in two ways. We can actually highlight this particular piece that we want to use as the hyperlink and create a new link by clicking on the link icon. In this particular case, I'll create a new page for that link and I'll call the wiki 'New page'. And I insert. So, that automatically creates a new page in background and has the hyperlink to those words. So, I'll save that and just show you what that looks like.

So, now I've got 'New content' and if I click here, it will take me to that new page. Also, because I've created a new page, it comes up in the site navigation list. So, I can go to it from there as well. To get back I can just click the backspace key and it will take me back to where I was before.

So, that’s how we create a link to a new page. We may want to create a link to an external site. So, I go back into edit mode. I then highlight the words that I want to use or maybe create a new word in here ... 'Link to Google' and just highlight that, click on the link again so, same button but this time instead of creating a new page or link to an existing page, I'm going to go through and link to an external website and you can just ... put the URL in or cut and paste it if it's a long URL and just click insert. And now I've actually got my link to Google. The links don’t work until you save. So, I can save that and now on my page, I've got a link to Google and if I click it here it brings it up within the page.

Some of the other basics that we can do here is we can create a table of content. And this is really useful because people don’t like scrolling and with a wiki you can link to something much further down the page.

So, we need to go back into 'Edit' and ... now, there's something at the bottom of the page here, which is advanced wiki use. Now, there may be pages of content in between here. So, the first thing I need to do is to say this is my point that I want to go to. So, I want to create an anchor so, the anchor point is the destination that you want the hyperlink to go to and insert an anchor. And then I would call that whatever I want (noise of typing on keyboard) and insert. So, now I've got an anchor at that point that I want to get to and I want to go back and insert a link out to there. So, from this point here, I might want to go down to that link. I create a link and this time I'm going to link to an anchor and you can see that advanced use is there. And I insert that. Now, I've got a link from here down to the anchor point. I save that and when I'm on my page, I can see basic use and it will jump down to that point.

To create a link between pages we go back into 'Edit'. I have a couple of pages that I can link to. I come down to the point where I want to create that link. This is a link to another page or whatever the page name is. I can highlight that, create the link, link to an existing page and I've got a page here called 'New page', so I can say this is a link to that new page. Click insert and now I've got the link there. So, when I save that I've got a link to another page here. When I'm back at my other page, I can click on there and it takes me to the new page with different content. So, that’s all the basic uses of the wiki.