International work instruction

Instruction statement

These instructions prepare RMIT University Australia staff before, during and after international work, to ensure all parties are clear about their roles and responsibilities and to minimise personal and commercial risk.


These instructions do not apply to staff traveling for work within Australia

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



Arrangement plan

Prepare and plan work to ensure international travel objectives can be met, including:

  • the planned duration of the international work and the likelihood of any extensions
  • the necessary immigration, visa and work permit requirements
  • the expected working conditions and hours
  • travel costs to be covered by RMIT University and those to be paid by the staff member or other parties, and any reimbursement in line with RMIT University’s Travel policy

Staff member/ manager

Before commencement


Organise travel and accommodation through RMIT University’s online travel management system in accordance with RMIT University’s Travel policy and Procedure.

Check safety of destination country with Smartraveller and register travel plans online. This gives country-specific health and safety advice.

Before leaving Australia staff members must ensure they have a valid passport beyond the expected return date with a sufficient number of free pages, valid visa/s and appropriate work permits.

Staff member or relevant work unit

Before commencement


RMIT University has a membership with International SOS, a provider of 24-hour advice and assistance for medical, security or other emergencies for all staff working offshore.

Visit the International SOS website prior to departure and print out an emergency contact card.

Staff member

Before commencement

Pre departure health check

Consult with International SOS and/or your GP for advice regarding required vaccinations and any travel health needs.

Staff with a pre-existing medical condition will require medical clearance to travel and work internationally, a letter from a GP will need to be provided to Human Resources. Any medical treatment for an existing condition should be sought prior to travel.

Upon return to Australia, a return health check may be encouraged.

RMIT University will meet the cost of all health checks and necessary vaccinations for the staff member and their accompanying family of up to $500 per person for both pre, and post, assignment expenses upon submission of relevant receipts.

Staff member

Before you go


Staff members are encouraged to obtain independent expert advice on taxation matters, particularly if global work adds up to a total of more than 183 calendar days per financial year. Please discuss with Human Resources in the first instance.

Staff member

Before you go

Preparation for arrival in host location

Organise living arrangements, arrange transfer from the airport to accommodation and research destination country. Please refer to the Travel policy and Procedure for further advice.

Ensure adequate preparation to meet work deliverables (e.g. prepare notes for lectures, presentation for conference etc).

Staff member

Before you go


  • Understand local conditions and day-to-day travel arrangements and always behave in a manner consistent with RMIT University’s values, policies and procedures. Do not act in any way to harm the reputation of RMIT University. Be particularly sensitive to cultural differences.
  • Always carry personal emergency contact details including International SOS contacts
  • Be aware of RMIT University emergency procedures and monitor travel advice.
  • Keep a travel diary with records of expenditure in line with the RMIT University’s Travel procedure.
  • Ensure work assignment objectives are met.
  • Staff traveling to global business partners or to run an offshore program (teaching, administration, recruitment and selection of students), are responsible for understanding and meeting contractual obligations or requirements for course content.
  • Any international work related to the provision of a program will be a part of a staff member’s normal workload where possible and appropriate.

Staff member

Before you go

Upon return

  • Take an adequate rest break before recommencing duties. This should be agreed with your manager prior to departure.
  • Update and inform your manager and other relevant staff about international work completed.
  • Complete the travel diary on RMIT University’s online travel management system within 21 days of return.
  • Coordinate records of expenditure and submit any reimbursement claims required.

Staff member

When you return

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