WIL Staff Community

Whether you are a staff member new to WIL or have been involved in WIL for a while, it is useful to know what resources are available and how to connect with other WIL Practitioners.

WIL Skills Google+ Community

The WIL Skills Google+ Community is where RMIT WIL Practitioners connect with each other to:

  • share ideas and opportunities
  • ensure best practice
  • discuss common issues and concerns
  • support one another to meet the challenges of administering WIL activities
  • learn how to use the InPlace WIL System

If you would like to join the WIL Skills Community to receive information on new resources and events, you'll need to activate your Google+ account and search for 'WIL Skills'.

Join the WIL Skills community

WIL Community of Practice

The WIL Community of Practice (WIL CoP) is a networking meeting which occurs approximately every six weeks. Each meeting covers a different WIL topic and you will get the chance to meet with other WIL Practitioners across RMIT.

To be included in the WIL CoP, email: wil.support@rmit.edu.au

WIL Practitioners Map

To view WIL Practitioners across RMIT view the WIL contact map.

WIL Module for Staff

If you’re new to WIL (or have not completed this previously), it is highly advised you complete the WIL Module for Staff.