Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Linking RMIT Vietnam and Melbourne through Intercultural Electives

Project Leaders

Dr Siew Fang Law

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

This project was developed with the primary aim of building closer learning and teaching links between the twin hubs of RMIT Vietnam and Melbourne through re-developing three intercultural communication courses currently offered in Melbourne to be offered as electives in Vietnam. Through a reciprocal collaboration process, the course coordinators between the two hubs redeveloped ‘Cross-cultural Communication’ and ‘Negotiating Transnational Agreements’.

The courses were revised to suit the context of Vietnam, with reusable teaching objects such as course readings, online components, audio-visual presentations, lecture notes and assessment tasks. Vietnamese learning and teaching approaches were investigated through co-teaching at RMIT Vietnam and a focus group meeting with local Vietnamese, Overseas Vietnamese and Anglo teaching staff in Vietnam.

Each revision of courses was done through the process of i) sharing of knowledge and feedback within the project team members, ii) trialling of selected methodologies with the Vietnamese students and iii) a focus group meeting with the teachers in Vietnam.

The course ‘Cross-Cultural Communication’ will be delivered at RIUV in 12-week mode in Semester 2, as well as in 2-week intensive mode in July. The intensive class will give the opportunity for RMIT Melbourne students to enrol as part of their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience at RMIT Vietnam. The course ‘Negotiating Transnational Agreements’ will be delivered in 12-week mode in Semester 2 2009.

Project coordinators from both hubs delivered a presentation about the project objectives, process and outcomes to 19 RMIT Melbourne staff who were participating in the Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Teaching Study Tour at RMIT Vietnam on December 8, 2008. The purpose of the presentation was to encourage further learning and teaching collaborations between Vietnam and Melbourne. Lessons learned from implementing the project were shared and discussed.

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