How to apply for funding

All applications for the Student Support Fund must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) prior to incurring the cost associated.

The Research Office will not consider application/s for retrospective expenses, which means applicants must seek approval prior to making any purchases, travel arrangements etc.

Designated funds will be available for spending in 2017 after approval is sought from the College.

All complete applications should be submitted to the Business Research Office at least 10 working days before the external deadline.

Step one

Read and apply the Student Support Fund Funding Rules (PDF 171KB)

Step two

Complete the Student Support Fund Application (DOC 71KB)

This form requires the following signatures from:

  • Your Supervisor
  • The Applicant’s declaration

Step three

Submit your completed application to the Resource Coordinator, Business Research Office at least 10 business days before the external deadline.

Step four

You will be notified whether you have been granted/ not granted for the requested funding – this can differ from your requested amount. Upon approval, you will be contacted as to how to access your allocated funding.

As part of the Student Support Fund process you are required to pay for the items and/or services that have been approved in your Student Support Fund application, and lodge a claim for reimbursement.
How to claim your SSF Funding (DOCX 22KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Student Support Fund be used for?

  • Data collection
  • Field work
  • Transcription
  • Editing
  • Relevant analysis software
  • Computer databases
  • Training in use of relevant software
  • Conference attendance (where a paper is being presented), this may include:

For more information – please refer to the Funding Rules.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a PhD or Masters by Research at the College of Business and must also have successfully completed their confirmation of candidature milestone. Candidates are eligible to apply for Student Support Fund once they obtain their confirmation of candidature approval until the submission of their thesis.

For more information – please refer to the Funding Rules.

What does ‘Cost estimate and justification’ mean and how can I prove this?

In this section, you are required to document the expected cost you plan to incur with the funding support from the Student Support Fund. You are required to provide some form of evidence to support your claim, i.e. quotations, website estimates, item of similar costing indicative of the amount you are justifying.

Why is it necessary to submit my application so early?

Before given access to funding, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) requires the Research Office to check the application for compliance with the funding schemes rules, i.e. eligibility, required information, costing justification, progress status, and support from relevant personnel has been prepared in accordance with the funding scheme rules. In certain cases, the applicant may be asked to supply additional information with the application to ensure it is not rejected by the College. It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure that they have allowed adequate time for additional requests.

When can I lodge my application?

Applications are accepted throughout the year from the first working day in January until the 31st October of the same calendar year. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that you allow at least 10 working days prior to the external deadline for sufficient processing and approval time by the funding body.

The closing date is tomorrow but I have not submitted an application.

All funding requires prior approval from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) before any commitment/s should be made. Retrospective approval will not be granted as the requirements of the funding scheme must be met before accessing the funds.

I’ve already purchased the item, would I be able to claim this?

Unfortunately, no retrospective expenses will be considered as prior approval was not granted from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). This is against the funding rules and will not be considered.

Got other questions?

Please refer to the Funding Rules for any further information you may have.


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