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To find out how to use the AV equipment available in rooms and teaching spaces, our collection of videos is a great place to start.

Finding your way around RMIT's AV equipment

Using AV with the room computer

Using AV with a Windows laptop

Using AV with your Mac laptop

Using AV with a mobile device

Using the doc camera

Using lecture capture.


How do I turn the AV system on?

Each AV equipped teaching space has a touch panel or keypad to operate the system. It’s found on the teacher’s desk or on a wall near the front of the room.

What do I plug my laptop or tablet into?

The supplied VGA cable connects most laptops. It’s located on the teacher’s desk and usually has 15 small pins inside. For some devices, you may need to bring your own VGA adapter to connect to the cable.

I’ve turned everything on but my laptop is not displaying

Check that you have selected the correct HDMI or VGA input on the touch panel or keypad and that this cable is plugged in fully. If you are still having problems, access the display settings on your laptop and select ‘detect’.

‘No Signal’ message on screen

The monitor can display this message if your equipment has not been turned on or has been unplugged. It may also mean you do not have a compatible resolution selected. This can be changed in the display settings on your device.

What is the difference between VGA and HDMI cables?

Put simply, VGA is a video only cable. HDMI can carry both video and sound.

How do I turn the lapel microphone on?

Once removed from the charging dock, the microphone takes ten seconds to sync to the room system. After ten seconds, press the single button on the front to turn on. The microphone illuminates green when on, red when off.

How can I use an Interactive Whiteboard?

You can use it simply as a mouse or as a projection screen with the added ability to annotate over a displayed image. The board is ready for use with the in-room computer. To use a laptop with the board, plug in the USB cable that’s found on the teacher’s desk (or use the VGA or HDMI cable).

To use the advanced features with your laptop, you’ll need to install Smartboard software. Contact the Service and Support Centre for further details.

Why is the quality of my lecture recording so poor?

Lecture Capture technology is intended for reference only and does not record high fidelity sound or video. For better audio quality, use the lapel microphone at all times.

What is the difference between video conferencing and Skype?

Skype uses a publically available un-secured internet connection to join parties using Skype software. Video conferencing is a private, secure system that requires each party to have similar pre-configured conferencing equipment before connections can occur. It offers superior video and audio quality and is not compatible with Skype.

Do I log off the room computer or shut it down?

You need to log off the computer after your session. It will go into sleep mode and wake when the next person moves the mouse.

How do I get something to appear on the projector screen?

Once the AV system is turned on, select an input (PC, laptop, etc.) from the touch panel or keypad. If selecting a laptop, ensure you select the same cable type (VGA or HDMI) on the touch panel or keypad as the one you connected the laptop to.