2008 RMIT Teaching Award Winners


Heather Fehring

  • AWARDED TO: Associate Professor Heather Fehring (School of Education College of Design and Social Context).
    Recognising the outstanding contribution that an individual academic or teacher has made to the promotion of teaching excellence at RMIT over a sustained time period, and that is seen as modeling best practice and influencing the wider educational community.
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Humanities and the Arts (including Design)

  • AWARDED TO: Allan James Thomas (School of Applied Communication)
    For excellence in fostering student centred learning through promoting discovery based independent learning in Media and Cinema Studies.
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Law, Economics, Business and Related Studies

  • AWARDED TO: Rajendra Mulye (School of Economics, Finance and Marketing)
    For creative, enthusiastic and successful use of a range of teaching approaches to engage students, in particular through the innovative use of technology in Marketing.

Physical Sciences and Related Studies (including Architecture, Building and Planning, Engineering, Computing and Information Science)

  • AWARDED TO: Rosalea Monacella (School of Architecture and Design)
    For excellence in innovative practice, interdisciplinary collaboration and global work integrated learning in Landscape Architecture.

  • AWARDED TO: Associate Professor SueAnne Ware (School of Architecture and Design).
    For a reflective, passionate and inspirational approach to teaching and learning, in particular the Vertical Design Studio, which has enable students to engage fully with their own learning in a professionally driven environment in Landscape Architecture.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Associate Professor Tom Molyneaux, Associate Professor Margaret Jollands, Dr Liam Ward (School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering)

Social Sciences (including Education)

  • AWARDED TO: Narelle Suzanne Lemon (School of Education)
    For the use of imaginative, reflective and evidence based approaches to teaching and learning that have a positive impact on the personal and scholarly development of students in Arts Education.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Nicky Carr (School of Education)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Lynnel Hoare (School of Management)

Priority Area: Team Teaching in any discipline/s

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Martin Dick, Mr Maurice Abi Raad, Mr Arthur Adamopolous, Ms Francisca Adamopolous, Mr Tim Bradshaw, Mr Vince Bruno, Mr Christopher Cheong, Dr France Cheong, Mr Bill Davey, Associate Professor Hepu Deng, Mrs Glenys Grob, Kathy Henschke, Mr Vic Kamay, Mr John Lenarcic, Audra Lukaitis, Mr Stasys Lukaitis, Mr Patrick Poppins, Dr Pradip K Sarkar, Mr Ian Searle, Mr Ian Storey, Mr Hendry Susilo, Dr Hossein S Zadeh, Ms Georgia Katounas, Mrs Marie St Anne, Miss Dominique Wong (School of Business Information Technology)
    For a sustained, systematic and successful approach to large team teaching which engages and supports students in Business Information Technology.
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TAFE Outstanding Teacher Trainer of the Year

  • AWARDED TO: Mrs Helen Corney (School of Life and Physical Sciences)
    For the excellent use of experiential learning approaches, engaging students in industry based practice and current environmental issues in Environment and Land Management.

  • AWARDED TO: Mr Rudy Drew (School of Life and Physical Sciences)
    For outstanding student centred teaching practice aligned with industry engagement in the field of Computer Networks.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Mr Marko Janka Boskova Dumovic (School of Engineering, TAFE)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Stephanie Holt (School of Creative Media)

TAFE Initiative of the Year

  • AWARDED TO: Mrs Gita Pendharkar and Mr Sukhvir Singh Judge (School of Engineering, TAFE)
    For innovative and industry relevant approaches to teaching, assessment and scholarly practice in Engineering.
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Assessment and Feedback

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Andrew Wootton (School of Medical Sciences)
    For an innovative and successful approach to changing the nature and scope of feedback and assessment in teaching undergraduate Clinical Biochemistry.
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Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with Other Organisations

  • Certificate of Achievement: Mrs Jill Powell (School of Applied Communication)

The First Year Experience

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Anthony Bedford (School of Mathematics and Geospatial Sciences)
    For outstanding contribution to student learning through innovative, systematic and inspirational approaches which demonstrate respect for, and promotion of, student centred learning in Statistics and Operations Research.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Andrea Chester, Mr Rick Ryan, Dr Sophia Xenos, Mr Peter Saunders (College of Science, Engineering and Technology), Ms Rebecca Carmichael, Ms Paula Keogh (Student Services Group)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Anne-Marie Christensen (School of Medical Sciences)

Flexible Teaching and Learning

  • AWARDED TO: Bruce Partland (School of Life and Physical Sciences)
    For outstanding work in the engagement of teaching and learning within Indigenous education programs, embracing equity and diversity in Indigenous Land Management.
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Innovation in Curricula, Learning and Teaching

  • AWARDED TO: Dr Marg Liddell, Irene Pagliarella, and Karen Linstrom (School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning)
    For excellence in sustained commitment to working across sectors to promote work ready, reflective and informed students in the field of Criminal Justice Administration.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Leanne Zilka, John Cherrey, Mr Graham Crist, Israel Herzberger (School of Architecture & Design), Professor Kosmas X Smyrnios, Dr David Gilbert (School of Management), Professor Adrian Mouritz, Dr Michael Bannister, Adjunct Professor Floreana Coman (School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)

  • Certificate of Achievement: Ms Lila Kemlo, Mr Rodney McCrohan, Hong Yan Ruby Lee, Ms Mary R Kerstjens (Office of PVC Business)


  • AWARDED TO: Mr Geoff Pearson (School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
    For excellence in student centred real world applications in teaching, including internationalised Work Integrated Learning in Mechanical Engineering.
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  • AWARDED TO: Dr Jie Li (School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering)
    For excellence in, and dedication to, innovative approaches to large group teaching in Statistics.
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  • AWARDED TO: Mr Glen Donnar (School of Applied Communication)
    For innovations in approaches to student mentoring which have resulted in exemplary learning and teaching outcomes in Media and Cinema Studies.
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  • Certificate of Achievement: Dr Peter Robinson (School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning)