ICT Plan 2020

The experience demanded by today’s student is rapidly changing, and becoming increasingly dependent on leading edge technology. That’s why the RMIT ICT Plan 2020 is so important.

The ICT 2020 plan has been developed in alignment with Shape RMIT 2020 and anchors around the following five goals - designed to deliver a global model, better user experience, reduced cost and reduced risk.

  1. Best in class digital student experience – Invest in new technologies which transform the student experience and underpin the digital strategy
  2. Innovative and efficient Service Integrator – Reposition the ICT function to source and manage services more efficiently and to focus on business outcomes through innovation
  3. Elegant global service experience and systems – Move to single global systems and processes which enable the global operating model
  4. Data to fuel differentiation & decisions – Ensure quality data and integrated systems are available to support data based decision making, and enable personalised and contextualised services
  5. Simple & secure technology foundations – Ensure foundation technology is simplified, free of duplication, and secure

View the RMIT ICT 2020 plan.