Recruitment and employment of casual staff procedure

Intent and objectives

To outline the process to employ and pay casual staff.


Casual academic staff, casual professional staff, and casual TAFE teaching staff.


Fixed term and continuing staff

Procedure steps and actions



1. Recruitment and selection

1a. Assess the need for a casual staff member.

Define the work to be conducted i.e. key duties; timeframe; position classification. Determine appropriate selection criteria and budget and prepare position description.

Hiring manager

1b. Approve recruitment activity and ensure budget is available for payment of casual staff.

Delegated authority

1c. Initiate recruitment process or access established pool of candidates to source suitable candidates through agreed recruitment methodology (e.g. internal and/or external advertising, referral etc.)

Hiring manager

1d. Assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills and motivation using information gathered from the application, CV, interview and skills demonstrated against position description key selection criteria.

It is not necessary to form a selection panel, but it is required that there is more than one person involved in the selection process and that a formal interview is conducted.

Hiring manager

1e. Ensure that the candidate has the mandatory qualifications and references.

TAFE teaching staff need to demonstrate mandatory competencies in the following:

  • Vocational competencies
  • Training competencies
  • Assessment competences.

For more information please refer to TAFE teaching staff mandatory qualifications, competencies and supervision guideline.

Academic staff must have the relevant qualifications at least equivalent to what they are delivering and/or strong industry experience.

Hiring manager

1f. Undertake at least two reference checks for casual staff employed on a regular basis that requires paid induction (refer to step 7).

Hiring manager

1g. The hiring manager selecting the candidate must declare any potential or current conflict of interest as required by the Conflict of interest policy.

Hiring manager/selection panel

2. Negotiate employment details

2a. Once the appointee has been selected, advise the appointee of:

  • start and end dates
  • hours of work and
  • rates of pay (according to the salary schedule in the relevant Workplace Agreement)

Hiring manager

2b. Complete the:

  • ‘Casual Hiring’ option using SAP Manager's Desktop, or
  • The consolidated casual engagement advice form, when multiple casuals are hired.

Hiring manager/Resource manager

3. Mandatory qualifications

Ensure that mandatory competencies and all other qualifications are verified and certified copies are forwarded to Human Resources. Human Resources to record mandatory qualifications on the Human Resources system.

Note: Incomplete paperwork without certified copies of qualifications, licences or registrations or intent to obtain will not be approved and will be returned to the hiring manager.

Hiring manager/ Resource manager

Human Resources

4. Approval of employment

Approve the casual engagement advice via SAP Managers Desktop.

Note: Appointments are not to be approved until the necessary documents have been submitted.

An email, including the Instrument of Appointment, will be automatically generated and sent to the casual staff member to offer employment including advice of their employee number, initial password for network and email access and requesting provision of bank details, address and taxation information.

Hiring manager/ Resource manager

5. Post-approval

The casual staff member must confirm their appointment by accepting their terms and conditions of employment through Employee Self Service (ESS).

The casual staff member should not commence work until the appointment has been approved and they have accepted their terms and conditions of employment through ESS.

Casual staff

6. Commencement

Assign a supervisor who is responsible for managing the casual staff member including induction, monitoring the number of hours worked by the casual staff member and performance.

Hiring manager

7. Induction for casual staff who are new to RMIT University

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to arrange a local induction for the casual staff member which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Discuss and agree on work duties and ensure casual staff understand their obligations.
  • Introduce casual staff to team members, colleagues and work area.
  • Provide the staff member with the necessary resources to undertake their work (e.g. access to workstation, email account, library card, an entry in the University’s web staff contact directory, outside hours access where and when required).
  • Academic casual staff will have access to such resources until the beginning of the following semester.

All new casual staff who are employed on a regular and systematic basis for a period equivalent to a minimum of

  • one contact hour per week for one semester for academic and TAFE teaching staff, or
  • more than 36 hours during a 12 week period for professional staff

are required to apply University policies in their work and must complete all of the following online training modules

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
  • Equal Opportunities (EO) module 1
  • Privacy in the workplace

within their first month of commencing employment with RMIT.

New casual staff will be paid as per applicable rate* for up to five hours for induction and the successful completion of all mandatory online training modules (proof of certificate required).

*TAFE staff: non teaching rate

Academic staff: other activity rate

Professional staff: as per classification for the work undertaken

Supervisor/ casual staff

8. Payment

8a. Casuals paid by regular process

Payment will occur on a fortnightly basis as per the advised employment period, hours of work and rates of pay.

Note: Submit a variation form when the casual staff member has worked hours in addition or less than the initial engagement. Please refer to the casual payment schedule for more information regarding deadlines for submission.


8b. Each pay period ensure casual attendance data is submitted by close of business Wednesday of the week preceding the pay day Thursday.


8c. Authorise the hours submitted


9. Professional development

Ensure casual staff members have access to professional development, if required.

Head of School/Supervisor

10. AQTF requirements - TAFE teaching staff teaching into vocational qualifications

Up-to-date records of verified qualifications and current competencies including supervision details of TAFE staff must be recorded and maintained at the local area (refer to TAFE teaching staff mandatory qualifications, competencies and supervision guideline).

Certified copies of qualifications must also be forwarded to Human Resources for recording on the HR system.

Head of School

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