15 March 2013

One hot minute with WorldMun attendee Hannah Murray

WorldMun2013 student profile

Image courtesy of WorldMun Melbourne.

Who is Hannah Murray?

I'm in my last semester of the Bachelor of International Studies degree, technically in my fourth year.

Why are you involved in WorldMun?

I wanted to do something that would challenge my ability to apply all that I learnt throughout my degree as well as give me the opportunity to discuss world issues with students from different degrees and universities.

What are you looking forward to at WorldMun?

Well, ever since I was placed on the historical Russia 1605 Committee, I can't wait to wear a giant furry hat. I also can't wait to see how the delegates from other countries debate issues and try stay in character, how the committee chairs manage to stay one step ahead of the delegates and the general atmosphere of one of the biggest Model United Nations in the world. I've also heard that the social events have to be seen to be believed.

What change would you like to see?

Now that WorldMUN 2013 has the backing of the United Nations itself, every committee hopes that the resolutions and proposals they adopt will meet with the approval of the UN representatives and potentially contribute to some positive change in the UN and the world. For my own committee, we may not have the opportunity to make a change in the modern world, I think we're about 400 years too early for that, we can try to come to a resolution that would make the Russian princes of 1605 proud.

To find out more about WorldMun 2013 visit http://melbourne2013.org.au.

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