02 October 2014

Will believes the SLC has benefits for all

Will Sullivan has a passion for food and it was his father’s career that played a big part in his decision to study Food Science and Nutrition at RMIT.

‘My dad was a chef, so I’ve always had a keen interest in food and cooking techniques. I’d like to work for a small dairy processing plant one day, out in the country away from the city.’

For the time being, Will is happy assisting other students with their own studies at the Study and Learning Centre (SLC), which provides free study and learning advice for all students. He believes the SLC is devoted to making the university experience more enjoyable for all students, no matter their level of study. ‘Whether they’re in their first year or doing a PhD, the SLC can help,’ Will explains. ‘I believe that Student Learning Assistants* provide two aspects of service: one is academic support but the other is human contact for those students who may be feeling lost in the system; making them feel valued and, if need be, referring them on to other services provided by RMIT.’

Will enjoys meeting new people each week at the SLC, some of whom are studying his previous degree. ‘This allows me to relate to any struggles that they are having.’ Food Science is multidisciplinary, incorporating chemistry, microbiology and chemical engineering. For Will, having a chemistry background means he can also assist students from a range of degrees, including Biotechnology and Environmental Science.

Working at the SLC has its benefits for Will as well as the students he assists. ‘I get a great deal of satisfaction when I’m successfully able to pass on my own knowledge or experience to current students. In addition, if I’m passing on knowledge, it consolidates what I already know – revision is never a bad thing.’

*SLA is just one of many study and learning support services offered by the SLC.

Written by Rose Foster, Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT.

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