RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

10. Mode of employment


The University will only engage an employee on terms that correspond with one or other of the types of employment prescribed in this clause and in accordance generally with this Agreement.


An employee may be employed on the following basis:

(a) Continuing Employment

(i) Continuing employment means all full-time or part-time employment other than employment of a fixed-term or casual basis. Seasonal Employees, Part-Year Employees and Annualised Hours Employees as defined are exclusively dealt with at clauses 12.2 and 12.3.

(c) Fixed Term Employment

(i) This clause is read in conjunction with clause 11.

(ii) Fixed term employment means employment for a specified term or ascertainable period.

(iii) The contract for this employment will specify the starting and finishing dates of that employment, or in lieu of a finishing date, will specify the circumstance(s) which would lead to the expiration of employment.

(iv) Nothing in this Agreement prevents the University paying out the balance of a contract where the terms of the contract are not being fulfilled.

(b) Part-time Employment

(i) Part-time employment means employment for less than the normal weekly ordinary hours specified for a full-time employee, for which all entitlements are paid on a pro-rata basis calculated by reference to the time worked.

(d) Casual Employment

(i) An employee engaged on a casual basis is engaged by the hour and paid on an hourly basis that includes a loading of 25 per cent in lieu of Agreement based benefits for which a casual employee is not eligible.

(ii) Nothing in this Agreement prevents an employee engaging in additional work as a casual employee in work unrelated or identifiably different to the employee’s normal duties.

(iii) The parties recognise that casual employment is not in all circumstances an appropriate employment mode or a substitute for fixed term or continuing employment. The University will therefore not use casual employment in circumstances which require significant numbers of hours per week for the conduct of long term regular and systematic work.

(iv) The University provides a range of benefits to casual staff, including an opportunity for eligible staff employed on a casual basis to convert to fixed term or continuing employment.

(v) In circumstances where the work is of a seasonal nature, casual employment may be an appropriate mode of employment and is permissible under this Agreement.

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