VET Essentials

An information resource about vocational education and training (VET) for staff at RMIT.

Vocational Education Practitioner Capability Survey

A new online specialist survey is available for all VE teachers and managers. It will support you to plan your professional development options, and assist RMIT in building responsive workforce development programs. See Developing Vocational Education Workforce Capability for more information.

Refocusing vocational training

Information about reforms to the Victorian VET system, commencing July 2012.

How we work

RMIT has an integrated approach to VET and Higher Education strategy and planning. The Strategic Plan, the Academic Plan and the Business Plan outline strategic directions for both VET and Higher Education. Teachers, managers and support staff involved in the delivery of VET programs and services can learn more about key strategic development and operational initiatives by accessing the Resources section.

Three 'themes' are used to capture VET activity across RMIT:

  • Teaching quality and innovation
  • Industry engagement and market positioning
  • Workforce development and productivity

The Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement and Vocational Education is responsible for leading and supporting VET-specific strategic development and operational initiatives on behalf of the University.