OLT grant recipients


Professor Richard Blythe
Architecture and Design (DSC)
Title: Design and architecture practice research: contemporary PhD (DAP_r)
Innovation and Development Grant: $436,117
Other team members: Associate Professor Laurene Vaughn, Dr Marcelo Stamm, Associate Professor Pia Ednie-Brown, Associate Professor Vivian Mitsogianni, Associate Professor Suzie Attiwill, Professor Leon van Schaik, Associate Professor Brad Haylock

Dr Sarah Holdsworth
Property Construction and Project Management (DSC)
Title: Producing sustainability professionals: assessing graduate attributes in sustainability
Seed Grant: $40,000
Other team members: Associate Professor Andrea Chester, Associate Professor Ian Thomas

Dr Grace Lynch
Office of Dean Learning and Teaching (Academic)
Title: Evaluation of the 2014 Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects
Strategic Priority Grant: $174,400
Other team members: Ms Helen Mclean, Dr Garry Allan

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