24 March 2016

Retail Design Institute: 2016 Student Store Design Competition

If you are presently enrolled in an Architectural, Interior Design or Environmental Design program, you are invited to participate in this competition that seeks design proposals for a ‘Convenience Store with Gas Station’.

The competition

Convenience stores or c-stores are a hot topic in the retail design industry, as many operators are currently redesigning, re-branding and rolling out new prototypes, and generally immune to economic slowdowns.

The design proposal the competition seeks is divided into three phases; programming, concept design, and final concept design development.

With the goal of awarding creative thinking, it’s hoped the competition will enhance your learnings in real-world holistic design processes, as well as introduce you to the exciting and dynamic career of retail design.

To enter you will need to provide a written explanation of the concept, a design process board that visually depicts the thinking and hand-drawn line work for the key views.


The Retail Design Institute offers USD$10,000 in cash prizes to promote the advancement and collaborative practice of creating selling environments.

Individual entries will be awarded the following;

  • first prize $5000
  • second prize $2000
  • third prize $1000

The individual first prize winner’s school will be awarded $ 500.

Group entries (2 or more students) will be awarded the following;

  • first prize $1000

The group first prize winner’s school will be awarded $ 500.00.


Entries must be received by the Retail Design Institute no later than 9 May 2016.

For entry requirements and further information, go to Retail Design Institute Student Store Design Competition.

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