22 January 2010

Perforated paper work wins art award

Malcolm Lloyd with his work, Punching Time # 5, 2009

Malcolm Lloyd with his work, Punching Time # 5, 2009. Photo credit: Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery 2009.

RMIT University student and Brunswick resident Malcolm Lloyd has been awarded a prestigious Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Awards Scholarship.

The Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art – Drawing) student won a $2,000 Undergraduate Scholarship to spend on travel for his artwork, entitled Punching Time # 5.

“My work is based around time and space and the urban environment through the perforation of paper using different materials and pencils and razor blades and other devices I have found,” he said.

The depth and texture in Mr Lloyd’s work comes from his technique in which he “attacks” the paper with a variety of implements – perforating it with razor blades, pencils and a collection of pins. Each piece takes between three to 10 hours to complete and he has been known to go through two pencils per artwork.

“The initial idea came when my girlfriend was overseas and I was angry and frustrated as I wanted to be with her. I went into the studio and tried to see how long it would take to destroy a piece of paper,” he said.

“I tried to see how many holes I could punch in a piece of paper before it was totally destroyed. That’s where the first idea came to create a texture paper work.

“It is a process that allows for tactility and sensitivity to time and the world around us. Each work utilises the processes of drawing and sculpture. There is a lot of topographical mapping in my works – like you are flying across the landscape.”

Mr Lloyd said he would use the prize money to go to New Zealand, where he would find inspiration from the rugged landscape.

Now in their ninth year, the Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards help RMIT Fine Art students further their careers by assisting their research and production costs.

This year the awards attracted more than 200 entries, with a shortlisted group of 43 artists exhibiting their work at RMIT Gallery. The exhibition ends on 23 January.

Chairman and Managing Director of Siemens Australia and New Zealand, Albert Goller, said: "Education, technology and above all, innovations are the lifeblood at Siemens and we foster a creative environment where ideas can develop and grow. We are proud to support the development of talent each year demonstrating innovative thinking through arts and creativity."

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