Science, Engineering and Health Research Supervisors

The following are lists of Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) supervisors at the College of Science, Engineering and Health (SEH). The listings are intended for use by current and prospective research students seeking academic advice and potential supervisors.

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Professor Sylvester Abanteriba
Research Interests: Propulsion, Piston Engines

Assoc Professor Akbar Afaghi Khatibi
Research Interests: Advanced composite structure design & integrity, nanocomposites, adhesive joints, fatigue and facture, facture modelling, interface/interphase design, damage tolerance, new manufacturing methods and biomechanics.

Professor Aliakbar Akbarzadeh
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Systems

Professor Firoz Alam
Research Interests: Aerodynamics and aero-acoustics of passenger cars, experimental mechanics including structural vibrations.

Dr Behzad Aliahmad
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, Biomedical signal and image processing, Retinal image analysis for risk assessment of systemic diseases, Computer vision, Brain computer interface

Professor John Andrews
Research Interests: Renewable energy hydrogen sytems for remote area power supply, unitised regenerative fuel cells, solar thermal desalination methods.

Professor Michael Austin
Research Interests: Integrated optics, microwave photonic systems and micro/nano-fabrication technologies.

Professor Alireza Bab-Hadiashar
Research Interests: Intelligent robotics, Computer vision, Image processing, Mechatronics, Automation and control, Autonomous systems.

Dr Hassan Baji
Research Interests: Structural reliability, Code calibration, FRP strengthening, Nonlinear FE modelling

Dr Sivacarendran Balendhran
Research Interests: Two-dimensional semiconductors, Nanomaterial synthesis, Nano-electronic/sensing/memristive device research, Micro/Nano fabrication

Dr Lei Bao
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Surface chemistry, Colloid interfaces, Droplets, Electrochemistry

Professor Stuart Bateman
Research Interests: Surface and interfacial molecular design of light weight polymeric materials, Adhesives and coatings to enhance physical properties and mechanical performance and to impart multi-functional biomimetic characteristics.

Dr Thomas Baum
Research Interests: RF Material characterisation, Scattering phenomena, Radar imaging, Radar systems, Anechoic chamber measurements, Multifunctional aerospace composite structures

Assoc Professor Paul Beckett
Research Interests: Computer architecture and microelectronics. Emerging technologies-nanoscale computr micro-architecture, High performance digital logic design, Embedded computer architecture, Programmable logic synthesis - FPGA amd CPLD based design, Hardware Description

Professor Iouri Belski
Research Interests: Engineering problem-solving, engineering creativity, systems thinking, novice to expert transformation, engineering education, technology-enhanced education, educational feedback, diagnostic assessment.

Dr Kyle Berean
Research Interests: Polymer nanocomposites, Gas separation, Membranes, Nanomaterials, 2D materials, metamaterials, Solar absorbers, Selective absorbers

Assoc Professor Madhu Bhaskaran
Research Interests: Thin films: synthesis and characterisation; Microfabrication: electronic devices, flexible devices, stretchable electronics; Two-dimensional materials: elemental semiconductors (excluding graphene), oxides

Professor Satinath Bhattacharya
Research Interests: Rheology, Polymer Processing, Multiphase Mixtures, Slurry Transport, Waste Recycle and Treatment, Nanocomposites, Nanopigments

Dr Muhammed Bhuiyan
Research Interests: Mathematical modelling; river morphology; groundwater management; geostatistics; irrigation; climatic change; drought analysis; evapotranspiration simulation; process fluid mechanics; water management in irrigation, drainage and flood control systems

Assoc Professor Cornelis Bil
Research Interests: Aerospace Design and Optimisation, Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Control, Computer-Aided Engineering, Simulation and Modelling.

Dr Andreas Boes
Research Interests: Integrated optics, Nonlinear optics, Lithium niobate

Dr Anna Bourmistrova
Research Interests: Control and Optimization, Dynamics, Systems Engineering, Mathematical Modelling

Professor Milan Brandt
Research Interests: Interaction of high power laser radiation with matter leading to changes in state from heating to melting and applications in additive manufacture, joining and surfacing.

Dr Mathew Bricalli
Research Interests: Aerospace Engineering, Propulsion, Rockets, Ramjets, Scramjets, Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Temperature Structural Analysis, Vibration, Finite Element Anlaysis, Linear and Non-Linear Structural Analysis, Space

Dr Robert Carrese
Research Interests: Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics, Aeroelasticity, Computational fluid dynamics, Flow-structure interaction, Turbulence modelling, Evolutionary optimization, Surrogate modelling

Dr Stefania Castelletto
Research Interests: Optics, Nano-photonics, Solar energy conversion devices, Wide-band gap semiconductors

Dr Ricky Chan
Research Interests: Steel structures, Earthquake engineering.

Dr Qasim Chaudhari
Research Interests: Wireless communications, Digital communications, Software defined radio (SDR), digital signal processing (DSP)

Dr Xiaobo Chen
Research Interests: Surface engineering and science, Corrosion science, Smart and functional materials, Nanomaterials, and electrochemistry.

Assoc Professor Chi Pok Cheung
Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fire modelling, Gas-liquid bubbly flows, Numerical heat and mass transfer

Dr Ken Chiang
Research Interests: Nano-catalyst - synthesis and characterisation, Heterogeneous catalysis, Reaction engineering, Wastewater and air purification, CO2 utilisation, Hydrogen production, Biomass/biogas conversion, Sustainable energy, Chemical production

Dr Adam Chrimes
Research Interests: Microfluidics, Sensors, Metrology

Dr Andrew Christofferson
Research Interests: Computational modelling of organic monolayers on water, Polymer stereocomplexes, Protein-protein and protein-nanoparticle interactions, Environmentally responsive surfaces, Force field comparison and parameterisation

Dr Reece Clothier
Research Interests: Autonomous aviation systems, Aviation safety, Unmanned aircraft systems, Decision making, System design.

Dr Enda Crossin
Research Interests: Life cycle assessment, Materials selections, Environmental management, Decision making.

Dr Matthew Currell
Research Interests: Hydrogeology, Groundwater, Geochemistry, Isotope hydrology, Environmental engineering, Land contamination.

Dr Dean Cvetkovic
Research Interests: Biomedical and electronic engineering, Clinical sleep and biofeedback applications, Biosignal analysis, Embedded processing, Engineering education (design, cooperative/reflective learning, Self/peer assessment, e-portfolio)

Professor Peter Dabnichki
Research Interests: Biomechanics, Computer modelling, Sport engineering, Biomedical engineering, Computational mechanics, Computers in sport, Exercise physiology, Medical systems

Dr Torben Daeneke
Research Interests: 2D materials, Nano science, Sensors, Solar cells, Advanced electronics, Synthesis of nano materials, Charge transfer processes, Surface chemistry, Ambient temperature liquid metals, Optoelectronics

Dr Ali Daliri
Research Interests: High strain and impact properties of composite materials, Nano-Composites, Metamaterials, Antennas, Wireless sensors

Dr Raj Das
Research Interests: Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Methods, Multi-scale Modelling, Structural Optimisation, Composite Materials, Failure Analysis, Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue, Impact Mechanics, Metamaterials, Auxetic Materials, FGM.

Dr Abhijit Shridhar Date
Research Interests: Renew energy namely hydro-electric turbines, concentrated solar PV and solar thermal systems, solar desalination, low temperature heat engines, geothermal desalination and power generation and solar chimney.

Dr Manoj Datta
Research Interests: Renewable based smart grid and smart micro-grid, DG modelling and forecasting, Intelligent control of PV, Wind and ESS for grid integration, Motor control.

Assoc Professor Fugen Daver
Research Interests: Manufacturing, Process Engineering.

Dr Saman De Silva
Research Interests: Structural engineering: fire engineering (structures), earthquake engineering (structures), risk management (structural area).

Dr Jessirie Dilag
Research Interests: Polymer, Material chemistry, Nanoparticles, Analytical chemistry, Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, Surface science, Graphene, Composties, Foresnic science

Assoc Professor Songlin Ding
Research Interests: CAD/CAM, CNC Geometric Modelling, Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Control, Mechatronics

Dr Graham Dorrington
Research Interests: Performance prediction and design synthesis of aerospace vehicles and systems, especially lighter-than-air aircraft (including airship flight testing), space launchers, and sustainable energy systems.

Professor Mark Easton
Research Interests: Light metals: particularly aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys; Solidification and casting; Additive manufacturing.

Dr Nicky Eshtiaghi
Research Interests: Rheology, Granulation process, Water engineering, Waste water treatment.

Dr Dorna Esrafilzadeh
Research Interests: Biomaterials, drug delivery, fabrication, materials synthesis, wearable and flexible electronics, electrospinning, wet-spinning

Dr Linhua Fan
Research Interests: Drinking water and wastewater treatment. Membrane technology. Water recycling. Waste minimisation/recovery in chemical processes.

Dr John Fang
Research Interests: Mobile and pervasive computing technologies, biosignal modelling and analysis (ECG, PSG, EEG, etc), medical and hospital informatics, ambulatory monitoring, medical devices and microdevices, wireless sensor networks, and embedded system

Assoc Professor Mohammad Fard
Research Interests: Human Body Response to Vibration, Effects of Vibration on Discomfort and Fatigue, Vehicle Body CAE Concept Modelling, Vehicle NVH

Dr Chuang Feng
Research Interests: Nanocomposite structure, Micro/nano mechanics, Multiscale modelling

Dr Weeramundage Udaya Nuwantha Fernando
Research Interests: Electrical Machine Design, Electrical Drives, Electric Vehicles, Battery Management, Fault tolerant Drives, Aircraft power systems, Aircraft power generation, Control Systems.

Dr Afshin Firouzi
Research Interests: Infrastructure asset management, Construction management

Dr Alex Fisher
Research Interests: Unmanned aerial systems, Micro aerial vehicles, Autonomous systems, Sensing control, Aerodynamics, Fluid mechanics

Dr Kate Fox
Research Interests: Biomedical devices, Biomaterials, Sports engineering, Biomedical engineering

Professor James Friend
Research Interests: Nano-technology, Medical devices, Nano and micro fabrication and fluids, ultrasound and acoustics, Piezo and ferroelectricity. Nonlinear dynamics, solid mechanics, vibrations

Dr Guoyang Fu
Research Interests: Fracture mechanics of brittle materials, Reliability analysis of infrastructure, Numerical modelling of blocky rock masses, Discrete element methods, Diffusion of fluids in solids

Dr Alessandro Gardi
Research Interests: Air Traffic Management (Systems/Operations), Trajectory Optimisation, Flight Guidance, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, Flight Dynamics and Control, Airspace Dynamics, Aircraft Environmental Impacts

Professor Michelle Gee
Research Interests: Interface science, Soft matter, Contact mechanics, Materials, Composites, Aerospace

Professor Kamran Ghorbani
Research Interests: Microwave photonic systems, Antennas, Microwave/millimeter systems, RF devices, Ferroelectric materials, composite materials, and phased array antennas.

Dr Filippo Giustozzi
Research Interests: Road maintenance, Rheology of bituminous materials, Recycling, Life-cycle assessment, Sustainability, Smart roads, Smart pavement materials, Fibre optic sensors for road pavement monitoring, Road and airport pavement design

Dr Francisco Gomez Carrasco
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, fFow instability, Laminar-turbulent transition, Reduced-order modelling, Turbulent flow control

Dr Karina Mabell Gomez Chavez
Research Interests: Next generation wireless netwroks and network virtualization, Hybrid Aerial-Terrestrial communication architectures for Emergency Broadband, Energy management and green networking, Wireless test-beds and simulators, Netwrok measurements, Software Defined

Dr Amirali Gostar
Research Interests: Image processing - machine learning - data analytics - multi object tracking - sensor management - data driven manufacturing

Assoc Professor Rebecca Gravina
Research Interests: Reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, structural engineering, fibre reinforced polymer reinforcement for concrete structures, non-linear finite element analysis.

Assoc Professor Mark Gregory
Research Interests: Network engineering, telecommunications, project management, software, digital signal processing, technical risk.

Dr Gregory Griffin
Research Interests: Heterogeneous reaction systems with heat and mass transfer, Fire science, Biomass utilisation, Solvent extraction methods

Dr Madurapperumage Gunasekara
Research Interests: Geopolymer concrete, Durability of Concrete, Concrete materials and structures

Dr Hao Hao
Research Interests: Image processing, Digital signal processing, Video analysis, Imaging system hardware and software, Digital picture quality assessment and metrics, Embedded DSP/imaging systems and their industrial applications, Biometrics

Assoc Professor Anthony Holland
Research Interests: Semiconductor test structures, microelectronics, thin film technology, microtechnology

Professor Grahame Holmes
Research Interests: Electrical energy conversion, Smart energy, Renewable energy, Power electronics, Electrical power generation, Transmission and distribution

Mr Edmund Horan
Research Interests: Waste management, Organics recovery, Sustainable infrastructure and development, Greenhouse gas, Sustainable transport, Regional development, Sustainability and environmental engineering education

Assoc Professor Reza Hoseinnezhad
Research Interests: Range segmentation, Motion segmentation, Motion estimation, Visual tracking, Autonomous vehicles, sensor fusion, Drive-by-Wire, Multi-Target Tracking.

Dr Akram Hourani
Research Interests: Wireless communications, Stochastic geometry, Aerial networks (UAV Communications), Radar systems, Satellite communications, Millimeter-wave technology, Quantum Communications.

Dr Kiao Inthavong
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Biomedical engineering: Optimal design of drug delivery devices; Prediction of aerosol deposition in the airways and nasal cavity, Modelling inhalation and toxicology for ventilations systems.

Dr Samuel Ippolito
Research Interests: Chemical sensor technology, micro-fabrication, surface acoustic wave (SAW) propagation, synthesis and characterisation of thin films and nano materials

Dr Mahdi Jalili
Research Interests: Complex networks, Dynamical systems, Dynamical networks, Control systems, Graph theory, Social networks analysis and mining, Machine learning applications

Dr Niranjali Jayasuriya
Research Interests: Surface water modelling.

Professor Veeriah Jegatheesan
Research Interests: Water (Treatment, Distribution, modelling) Wasterwater (MBR, Membranes in Agriculture, Aquaculture), Salt Water Intrusion, Resource Recovery (Mine Tailing Ponds, Dye and Salt from Textile Effluent), Novel Technologies (FO, MD)

Dr Beth Jelfs
Research Interests: Signal processing, Computational neuroscience, Biomedical signal processing, Information theory, Machine learning

Dr Hongwei Jiang
Research Interests: Air Transportation System, Airline E-Business System, Airline CRM Customer Relationship Management) System, Low-cost Airlines, Airport Commercialisation, Airport Operation and Management.

Professor Sabu John
Research Interests: Smart Materials, Active Vibration Control & Artificial Intelligence Applications.

Assoc Professor Margaret Jollands
Research Interests: Education research in project based learning, Graduate employability, Gender and sustainability.

Dr Mladenko Kajtaz
Research Interests: Modelling, Simulation, Design, Optimisation, Finite element analysis, Computer aided engineering, Structural materials, Structures

Dist. Professor Kourosh Kalantar Zadeh
Research Interests: Biosensors, nano-structured thin films and nano-crystal growth, micro-fluidics, MEMS/NEMS, conductive polymers with embedded nano-particles and nanofibers, polymeric optical waveguides, ferroelectric materials, structural characterization of thin films, a

Dr Everson Kandare
Research Interests: Composite materials, Engineering materials, Nanocomposites, Graphene composites, High temperature material performance, Metal alloys.

Assoc Professor Nhol Kao
Research Interests: Suspension Rheology, Polymer Rheology and Processing.

Dr Omid Kavehei
Research Interests: Memristive devices, Nanoelectronics, Microelectronics, Biomedical engineering, VLSI design, and computer architecture

Professor Colin David Kestell
Research Interests: Engineering Design, Systems Engineering, Engineering Education, Acoustics, Active Noise Control

Dr Abdul Khaliq
Research Interests: Thermodynamics and kinetics of metallurgical reactions, Light metal alloys, process metallurgy, Intermetallic Compounds (IMCs), Al-Zn coating, E-waste Processing, Sustainable Metallurgy

Dr Hamid Khayyam
Research Interests: Modelling and control in energy systems

Dr Khashayar Khoshmanesh
Research Interests: Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Dielectrophoresis, Manipulation of cells and micro-particles, Hydrodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Liquid metal enabled actuators.

Dr Alexandra Kootsookos
Research Interests: Aerospace, maritime and automotive, manufacturing, and process engineering.

Dr Kyriakos Kourousis
Research Interests: Metal plasticity, Material constitutive modelling, Solid mechanics, Airworthiness management, Aircraft maintenance, Aviation safety

Dr Arun Kumar
Research Interests: Systems engineering. Logistics management. Operations research.

Professor Dinesh Kumar
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, neuromotor control, biosignal phenomena, human computer interaction, back ailments, fatigue.

Dr Sazal Kundu
Research Interests: Waste to value-added materials, Greenhouse gases, Combustion and explosion studies, Analytical chemistry, Plasma chemical technology, Biomass, Bio-solids

Dr Raj Ladani
Research Interests: Composite materials and structures for aerospace, Automotive and civil structures; Fatigue and fracture mechanics; Nanocomposite

Dr Chow Yin Lai
Research Interests: Robotics, Mechatronics, Control

Dr Petros Lappas
Research Interests: Improving thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines, Laser diagnostics of flow and combustion (eg. PIV, LDV, Spectroscopy, Flow visualisation, CARS), Aerosols and two-phase flow, Renewable energy systems, Solar fuels.

Dr David Law
Research Interests: Durability of Materials (Concrete, steel, reinforced concrete). Controlled Permeable formwork. Non destructive Testing techniques (Corrosion rate, LPR). Geopolyers. Corrosion Modelling and Lifetime Mangement of Structures. Sulphate attach of concrete.

Assoc Professor Martin Leary
Research Interests: Design for Additive Manufacture, Topology and shape optimisation, Medical Implant Design, Material Selection

Assoc Professor Margaret Lech
Research Interests: Digital signal processing, speech processing, psychoacoustics, image processing, system modelling and optimisation and 3-D image registration.

Dr Peck Ling Lee
Research Interests: Nanomaterials assembly, Material characterization, DNA, Polymers, Endolysins, Biosensors, Therapeutic delivery

Dr Daniel Lester
Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics, Fluid mechanics, Suspension mechanics, Rheology, Computational methods

Professor Yongxiang Li
Research Interests: Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric materials, Sensor and actuators, Integrated passive devices, Low temperature co-fired ceramics, Nano-functional materials

Dr Xijun Li
Research Interests: Nanofabrications, Integration optics and Nanophotonics

Miss Lili Li
Research Interests: Molecular dynamics simulations, Nanomaterials, Composite materials, Mechanical behaviors

Dr Xiangdong Li
Research Interests: Gas-Particle fluids in occupied environments, Heat transfer by nucleate boiling of nanofluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr Yuncang Li
Research Interests: Biomaterials engineering, Biocompatible metalic materials/porous scaffolds, titanium alloys, biodegradable magnesium alloys, shape memory metals and alloys composites, Surface modification of biomaterials

Professor Chun Qing Li
Research Interests: Structural reliability and Risk assessment, service life prediction of infrastructure, Corrosion and its effects on structural deterioration, etc.

Assoc Professor Jie Li
Research Interests: Testing and design for unsaturated soils; Neutron moisture probe calibration; The influence of trees on the design of residential footings; Soil-structure interaction analysis; Foundation and footing design

Dr Xiaoshan Lin
Research Interests: Computational mechanics, Reinforced concrete structures, Composite structures and materials, Blast and impact analysis

Dr Jiao Lin
Research Interests: Nanophotonics, Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Physical optics

Professor Srinivasan Madapusi
Research Interests: Nanoscale engineering for sensing/environmental solutions, Surface modification by molecular assembly, Supercritical fluid/hydrothermal processing for biomass conversion - resource/energy recovery.

Dr Mojtaba Mahmoodian
Research Interests: Reliabilty analysis and service life prediction of strucures and infrastructures, Deterioration and failure analysis of structures and infrastructures, Numerical methods in Civil Engineering, Innovative construction materials, construction management and

Dr Matthew Marino
Research Interests: Air traffic management, Sustainable aviation, Fluid dynamics, UAVs, MAVs, Systems, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Control

Dr Hormoz Marzbani
Research Interests: Dynamics and Vibration, Vehicle Dynamics, Human Machine Interfaces, Autonomous systems, Autonomous farming, Precision farming, Mechanical Design

Professor Pier Marzocca
Research Interests: Aeroelasticity, Flow-Structure-Interaction, Active/Passive Control, Structural dynamics, Aerodynamics, Solid/Fluid mechanics, UAV, Composite structures, Advanced materials and smart structures, Modelling and simulation, ROMs

Dr Glenn Matthews
Research Interests: Development of a high-performance Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation software for the analysis of high-frequency filters in mobile telecommunication devices. Investigation of alternative computing architectures for high-performance computing.

Dr Maciej Mazur
Research Interests: Mechanical engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Optimisation of mechanical systems

Professor Darryn McEvoy
Research Interests: Climate change adaptation

Assoc Professor Brendan McGrath
Research Interests: Electrical energy conversion, Smart energy, Renewable energy, Power electronics, Electrical power generation, Transmission and distribution

Dr Lasantha Meegahapola
Research Interests: Power system dynamics and stability, Renewable power generation, Microgrid operation and control, Intelligent approaches in power systems

Dist. Professor Arnan Mitchell
Research Interests: Integrated optics, nonlinear optics and microwave photonics - with emphasis on simulation, design, microfabrication and systems; Lab-on-a-chip platforms supporting biomedical research: integrated micro-fluidics, micro-mechanics and photonics.

Dr Abbas Mohajerani
Research Interests: Cigarette butt pollution, Cigarette butt recycling, Recycling waste materials, Composite building materials, Utilisation of recycled aggregates, Deformation response of fine-grained subgrade soils, Pavement materials and pavement design, Early-age strengt

Dr Abdulghani Mohamed
Research Interests: Turbulence, Unmanned Systems, Sensors, biomimetics, aerodynamics, experimental fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, energy harvesting systems.

Dr Hessam Mohseni
Research Interests: Infrastructure management, Structural engineering, Bridge engineering, Deterioration prediction, Risk assessment, Natural hazards impact, Infrastructure vulnerability

Professor William Moran
Research Interests: Engineering, Statistical signal processing and information theory, Optimization, Sensor scheduling, Radar and Sonar, Mathematics, Number theory, Representation theory, Harmonic analysis

Dr Sara Moridpour
Research Interests: Driving behaviour modelling and analysis, Transport network modelling simulation, Transport network optimization, Freight management strategies, intelligent transport systems.

Professor Adrian Mouritz
Research Interests: Aerospace, maritime and automotive, manufacturing and process engineering.

Dr Gavin Mudd
Research Interests: Sustainable mining, Groundwater management, Industrial ecology

Professor Gholamreza Nakhaie Jazar
Research Interests: Dynamic Systems: Dynamics, Vibrations, Control, Stability, Bifurcations, and Chaotic behavior of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems.Vehicles: Dynamics, Handling, Ride, Stability, Autonomous Vehicles.MEMS: Dynamics, Design, Optimization, ControlRobotics and

Assoc Professor Majidreza Nazem
Research Interests: Computational Mechanics, Computational Geomechanics, Contact Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Soil-Structure InteractionSoil Dynamics, Finite Plasticity, Meshless Analysis

Dr Warwick Nesbitt
Research Interests: Cell biology, Platelet biology, Haematology, Cell signalling, Mechanotransduction, Medical devices, Microfuluidics, Haemodynamics, Microimaging, Intravital animal models, Microscopy

Dr Katrina Neville
Research Interests: Signal processing, Image processing, Signal processing in communications

Dr Giang Thach Nguyen
Research Interests: Integrated optics, silicon photonics

Dr Hideaki Ogawa
Research Interests: High-speed aerodynamics, Multi-objective design optimisation, Supersonic/hypersonic vehicle design, Space transport, Propulsion, Computational fluid dynamics, Evolutionary algorithms, Shock/boundary--layer interactions, Flow control

Assoc Professor Adrian Orifici
Research Interests: Damage modelling of composite materials. Postbuckling analysis of aerospace structures. Multi-axial composite material characterisation. Design and analysis of aircraft repair.

Dr Maazuza Othman
Research Interests: Wastewater treatment plants modelling and operation, Water recycling, natural and enhanced evaporation, Water and wastewater management, Water quality monitoring and analysis, Industrial wastewater treatment design and modelling.

Dr Jianzhen Ou
Research Interests: Nanomaterial synthesis; Electrochemistry, Photo conversion device, Micro/Nano electronics, Gas interaction and sensors, Micro-Raman spectroscopy, Microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip, Plasmonic materials

Dr Toh Yen Pang
Research Interests: Systems design and modelling, Design of Experiments and multiobjective design optimization, Computer modelling simulation, Numerical simulation, Injury and impact biomechanics, Biomechanical modelling and analysis, Injury prevention, Road safety.

Assoc Professor Rajarathinam Parthasarathy
Research Interests: Mixing, processing, Biodegrdable polymers, Polymer nanocomposites, Multiphase mixture: stirred-tank mixing, reactions, hydrodynamics.

Dr Indubhushan Patnaikuni
Research Interests: High performance concrete, Fibre reinforced concrete, Sustainable housing construction.

Dr Biddyut Paul
Research Interests: Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and electrolyser, Unitised regenerative fuel cell (URFC), Photovoltaic (PV), Solar thermal systems and energy efficiency

Dr Jorge Paz-Ferreiro
Research Interests: Biochar, Land contamination, Waste management, Phytoremediation, Heavy metals, Soil remediation, Greenhouse gas emissions, Cadmium

Dr Matthew Penna
Research Interests: Molecular dynamics, Protein adsorption

Dr Alberto Peruzzo
Research Interests: Projects available range from engineering photonic quantum information and communication technologies to studying quantum effects in biological, chemical and physical systems.

Mr Khomkrit Pingkarawat
Research Interests: Self-healing composites, Through thickness reinforcement composites (textile and rod techniques), Recyclable polymer matrix composites, Naval application composites, Non-destructive techniques for automotive composites

Assoc Professor Elena Pirogova
Research Interests: Bioelectronics, protein modelling, influence of electromagnetic fields on proteins.

Dr Sridhar Poosapadi Arjunan
Research Interests: Bio-signal processing, Biomedical engineering, muscle control, surface Electromyography, Muscle activity based Prosthetic hand control, Human computer interface, fatigue, age-related neuromuscular activity

Dr Adrian Pudsey
Research Interests: High speed aerodynamics, Scramjet propuision, Access to space systems, Viscous drag reduction, Jet interaction, Supersonic injection and combustion, Computational fluid dynamics

Professor Ma Qian
Research Interests: Advanced manufacturing, Addictive manufacturing, 3D metal printing, Physical metallurgy, Powder metallurgy, Modelling

Dr Dong Qiu
Research Interests: Additive manufacturing, Advanced light metals and alloys, Grain refinement of cast metals, Crystallography in phase transformations

Dr Peter Radcliffe
Research Interests: Networking, network protocols and network security, embedded systems, Linux, software engineering.

Dr Subramanian Ramasamy
Research Interests: Avionics, Aerospace CNS, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Collision Avoidance Systems, UAS Traffic Management, Tactical Operations

Dr Sridhar Ravi
Research Interests: Biomechanics, Flight mechanics, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Micro air vehicles, Bio-inspired design

Dr Geoffrey Reeves
Research Interests: Microelectronic and semiconductor device technology. Semiconductor materials and processing.

Dr Suzanne Reichman
Research Interests: Land contamination, soil remediation, phytoremediation, phytomining, mine-site rehabilitation, soil chemistry, plant nutrition, ecology, metals, arsenic, trace elements, biogeochemistry, ecotoxicology, and bioavailability.

Dr Gang Ren
Research Interests: Slope Stability Analysis and Slope Stabilisation Measures; Retaining Structure Analysis and Design; Soil nailing and Ground Anchor; Ground movements and their effects on structures; Fibre Reinforced Concrete Technology; Finite Element Method and Applicati

Dr Guanghui Ren
Research Interests: Integrated Optics,Silicon Photonics, Hybrid Integration, Plasmonics, Biosensors

Dr Amgad Rezk
Research Interests: Surface Acoustic Waves (SAWs), Microfluidics, 2D materials, High frequency sound waves

Dr Andrew Ridings
Research Interests: Aerodynamics, Compressible flow dynamics, Supersonic flow, Hypersonic, Hypersonic air-breathing combustion, Supersonic combustion, Scramjets, Dual-mode scramjets, Shocktrains, Data acquisition, Instrumentation

Dr Branko Ristic
Research Interests: Statistical signal processing, Bayesian Monte Carlo estimation, Target tracking, Information fusion, Reasoning under uncertainty, Sensor management and control, Random sets, Defence and security applications

Dr Dilan Robert
Research Interests: On shore pipelines, Subsea pipelines, Soil mechanics, Critical state soil behaviour, Unsaturated soils, Numerical modelling, Soil-structure interaction analysis, Constitutive modelling, Large scale experiment

Emeritus Prof Felicity Roddick
Research Interests: Drinking water and wastewater treatment. Membrane technology. Advanced Oxidation Processes. Water recycling. Waste minimisation/recovery in chemical processes.

Professor Gary Rosengarten
Research Interests: Heat transfer, Solar energy, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Microfluidies

Assoc Professor Wayne Rowe
Research Interests: Antennas, Metamaterials, and Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) at Microwave, Millimetre-wave and THz frequencies.Integration of antennas and RF devices with flexible, stretchable and composite materials using novel micro/nano-fabrication technologies.

Dr Heiko Rudolph
Research Interests: Self administered pain control (PCA), Breath monitoring, Medical Equipment dev., C++, Embedded Microcomputer Systems, Secure PC environments, Computer activity profiling, Random Event Generators (REGs), Resonance phenomena.

Professor Roberto Sabatini
Research Interests: Aerospace Systems, Avionics, Air Traffic Management, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Intelligent Transport, Navigation & Guidance, Cyber-Physical Systems, Satellite Navigation, Human Factors, Defence Systems, Sensors, Data Fusion

Assoc Professor James Scott
Research Interests: Microwave circuits, devices and systems.

Professor Sujeeva Setunge
Research Interests: Concrete materials and structures, Infrastructure Management, wood based composites.

Dr Bahman Shabani
Research Interests: Hydrogen technologies: fuel cells/electrolysers/storage/combined heat and power systems, Renewable/sustainable energy technologies, Integrated renewable energy systems, Thermal analyses, Thermodynamics of internal combustion engines, Alternative fuels.

Dr Kalpit Shah
Research Interests: Coal, Biomass, Organic/Inorganic waste, Thermochemical Conversion, Energy Generation and Storage, CO2 capture, Catalysis, Ionic Liquids, Chemical Looping, Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Reforming

Dr Jianhu Shen
Research Interests: Design of innovative and efficient structures, Response of structures under impact/blast loadings, Numverical simulations, Microstructural design of materials, Auxetic structures and materials

Dr Long Shi
Research Interests: Structural analysis, Fire safety engineering, CFD modeling and programming, Risk assessment, Energy and buildings, etc.

Dr Nirajan Shiwakoti
Research Interests: Multi-modal transport systems, Logistics and supply chain, Intelligent transport systems, Traffic Safety, Crowd dynamics modelling, Resilience of transport systems, Transport modelling, Big data analytics

Dr Jose Silva
Research Interests: Aerospace structures and materials, Structural reliability, Fatigue and fracture, Aircraft sustainability, Flight safety

Assoc Professor Kandeepan Sithamparanathan
Research Interests: Cognitive radio networks, spectrum sensing, energy efficient (green) communications, cooperative wireless communications,Wireless/Mobile/Satellite communications, synchronization and parameter estimation, signal processing for communications, and contro

Professor Paul Slatter
Research Interests: Rheology of suspensions and emulsions. Engineering hydrodynamics of non-Newtonian suspensions and emulsions

Assoc Professor John Smith
Research Interests: Geotechnical engineering applied to civil and mining projects

Dr Peter Sokolowski
Research Interests: Power Systems Engineering, Condition Monitoring, Incipient Fault Detection, Smart Grids, Smart Metering, Smart Energy, Complex Systems and Networks, Modelling, Control, Optimisation and Applied Mathematics

Assoc Professor Sharath Sriram
Research Interests: Microfabrication: micro/nano-electronic devices, microsystems, thin films, flexible devices; Memories: memristors, resistive memories; Photonics: plasmonics, metamaterials, terahertz devices, optical resonators

Dr Cameron Stanley
Research Interests: Solar energy, Renewable solutions for industrial process heat, High-flux heat transfer, Energy efficiency, Energy storage

Dr Peter Stasinopoulos
Research Interests: Systems optimisation, Resource productivity, System dynamics, Life cycle assessment, Design for sustainability, Systems engineering, Intelligent transport systems

Professor Douglas Swinbourne
Research Interests: Extractive metallurgy.

Assoc Professor Yasuhiro Tachibana
Research Interests: Next Generation Solar Cells (Semiconductor Quantum Dot Solar Cells, Organic/Inorganic hybrid Solar Cells, Dye Sensitised Solar Cells); Photocatalysis (Water Splitting, Solar Hydrogen); Nanomaterials Synthesis & Applications.

Dr Monir Takla
Research Interests: Manufacturing and process engineering.

Dr Allen Tam
Research Interests: Asset Management, Reliability Engineering, Reliability Availability Maintainability (RAM) modelling and simulation, Maintenance Management, Performance and cost optimisation modelling and analysis.

Dr Lip Pong Tan
Research Interests: Solar thermal systems (solar heating, cooling and pumping), Thermal energy storage, Thermoelectricity, Thermal management, Phase change materials, Energy harvesting and conversion

Dr Carlos Teixeira
Research Interests: Multilevel converters, Pulse width modulation, Closed-loop current regulation, Soft switched dc-dc converters, Electromagnetic interference in grid-connected converters, Gate drivers for high frequency switching devices.

Dr Ruwan Tennakoon
Research Interests: Computer vision, Machine learning

Ms Lin Tian
Research Interests: Aerosol transport, Particle transport and deposition, Turbulence modelling, CFD, Bio-fluid transport, Gas and particle dynamics

Dr Nevena Todorova
Research Interests: Computational modelling of biological molecules (peptides, proteins, membranes) in various environments and conditions (pH, lipids, mutations, nanoparticles) and investigating their folding, misfolding and aggregation behaviour.

Dr Francisco Tovar Lopez
Research Interests: Microfluidics, Transport phenomena at microscale, Electrowetting, Micro/nano fabrication, Biomedical instrumentation, Particle Image Velocimetry, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Image Processing

Dr Francisco Tovar Lopez
Research Interests: Microplatforms for Hematology, Image Processing, Control and Automatization, Portable Diagnostic Systems, Flows Characterisation(OpenFOAM & micro-PIV), Fabrication (Photolithography, 3D printing, nanofabrication, LTCCC)

Dr Huu Tran
Research Interests: Application of statistical and artificial intelligence methods to improve the asset management of water infrastructure pipelines and to model the deterioration mechanisms of the pipelines.

Professor Pavel Trivailo
Research Interests: Vibrations, Dynamics, Guidance, Control and Optimisation of smart towed systems (space tethers, piloted and UAV/UUV aerial/underwater cable systems), large space structures, space flexible manipulators; Structural health monitoring; Space vehicle dynamics

Professor Jiyuan Tu
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multiphase flow and turbulence modelling, advanced numerical simulation, bio-fluid mechanics and engineering.

Dr Inam Ullah
Research Interests: Renewable, DGs & Microgirds, AC, DC, standalone or/and interlinked, Energy Storage Systems, Distributed & Centralized Optimization, Power Electronics Converters, Distributed/Droop Control, Next Generation Electricity Grids

Dr Sara Vahaji
Research Interests: Two-phase flows, heat and mass transfer

Dr Arash Vahidnia
Research Interests: Power systems and Control, Renewable Energy, Power System Stability, Wide-area Control, Power System Reliability, System Optimization, System Analysis, Distribution System Planning

Dr Srikanth Venkatesan
Research Interests: Natural disasters research, Earthquake engineering, Resilience modelling, Asset management and behaviour of expansive clay soils

Dr Sumeet Walia
Research Interests: Nanomaterial synthesis, Micro/Nano electonics, Raman spectroscopy, Two-dimensional materials, Thermoelectrics, Memristors, Flexible/organic electronics

Professor Liuping Wang
Research Interests: Control systems including kalman filters; PID control; process optimisation system identification; robust control; model predictive control. statistical process monitoring of industrial processes; product quality control with applications to food processe

Dr Ke Wang
Research Interests: Silicon photonics, Nano photonics, Photonics integration, Opto-electronics integrated devices and circuits, Light field microscopy, Optical wireless technologies, Optical interconnects, Microwave photonics

Assoc Professor Xu Wang
Research Interests: Design and analysis of ground vehicle, aircraft, ship and their power plants including noise and vibration control using green materials, nano materials, smart materials and structures.

Dr Jidong Wang
Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks: Structure and applications, Wireless Sensor Network Security, Internet of Thing (IoT) Security, Network Security: Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Security

Dr Xuezhi Wang
Research Interests: Bayesian estimation theory and target tracking, Stochastic system modelling and identification, Information geometry, Radar imaging and signal processing, Advanced sensing technology and application of sensor networks

Dr Liam Ward
Research Interests: Wear, corrosion, Surface Engineering.

Professor Simon Watkins
Research Interests: Aerospace, maritime and automotive engineering.

Dist. Professor Cuie Wen
Research Interests: Biomaterials engineering; Surface coating/modification of biomaterials; Biocompatible alloys, Composites and scaffolds; Nanostructured metals, Alloys, Composites and nanolaminates; Shape memory and alloys for biomedical application

Dr Graham Wild
Research Interests: Optical fibre sensing, Structural health monitoring, Instrumentation and measurements, Aircraft systems, Acoustics, Photonics, Biomedical imaging, Education

Dr Richardt Wilkinson
Research Interests: Power electronics, modulation theory, electrical energy conversion, renewable energy, energy harvesting, embedded power electronics controllers.

Dr Richard Williams
Research Interests: Biomaterials, Regenerative medicine, Nanotechnology, Peptides, Proteins, Glycoproteins, Tissue progenitor cells, Stem cells, Chemistry, Self-assembly, Wound healing, Tissue engineering, Soft matter, Enzymes, Drug delivery

Professor Wojciech Wlodarski
Research Interests: Sensor Technology, Measurements.

Assoc Professor Khoi Loon Wong
Research Interests: Power Engineering, High Voltage Engineering, Condition Monitoring of Aging Infrastructure, Partial Discharge

Professor Hong Ren Wu
Research Interests: Digital signal processing (DSP) and fast algorithms; image processing; quality assessment and metrics for digital images and video sequences; perceptual coding and compression of digital pictures multimedia signal processing and communications DSP industr

Professor Yufei Wu
Research Interests: Structural engineering, Concrete structures, Composite structures, Application of composites and nano-materials in structural engineering, Structural rehabilitation using advanced materials

Dist. Professor Yi Min Xie
Research Interests: Structural design and optimisation; Computational mechanics; Mechanical metamaterials; Additive manufacturing; Biomaterials and medical devices

Dr Shanqing Xu
Research Interests: Design and optimization of periodic structures, Finite element modelling, Dynamic behaviour of materials and structures, Structural mechanics, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Powder Metallurgy

Professor Jie Yang
Research Interests: Advanced composite structures. Structural dynamics and stability. Nonlinear behaviour of structures. Smart structures.

Professor Irene Yarovsky
Research Interests: Computational modelling of materials and theoretical materials design: biomolecular systems (peptides, proteins, drugs, membranes), industrial materials (coatings, minerals, energy materials), nanostructures and bio-nanotechnology applications.

Professor Leslie Yeo
Research Interests: Microfluidics, Acoustics, Electrokinetics, Fluid Mechanics, Interfacial transport phenomena, Colloids, Drug delivery, point-of-care diagnostics.

Dr Richard Yeun
Research Interests: Safety Management Systems, Risk Management, Airworthiness, Quality Management, Aviation

Professor Xuehua Zhang
Research Interests: Colloid and interface, Nanomaterials, Self-assembly, Solar light conversion, Graphene, Atomic force microscopy

Assoc Professor Guomin Zhang
Research Interests: Project risk management and decision making. Contract and procurement. Sustainabile built environment. Carbon neutral construction. Constructability. Recycled water management.

Dr Zi-Long Zhao
Research Interests: Solid Mechanics, Biomechanics, Chiral Materials, Mechanical Engineering

Assoc Professor Yongmin Zhong
Research Interests: Bio/nano-mechatronics, soft-tissue measurement and modelling, surgery simulation, robotic surgery, virtual reality and haptics, computer-aided engineering and automation, and computational modelling.

Dr Shiwei Zhou
Research Interests: Computational electromagnetics for Metamaterial design, Finite element, Methods and computational mechanics, Design optimization of structural topology, Shape and size, Homogenization and Inverse, Homogenization for Material design

Dr Annan Zhou
Research Interests: Unsaturated soils: Fundamental behaviour of unsaturated soils, coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviours, advanced laboratory testing. Soft soils: behaviour of soft soils and modelling of over-consolidation and structuration.

Dr Suming Zhu
Research Interests: Light metals, Microstructure/mechanical property relationship, Electron microscopy

Health and Biomedical Sciences

Professor David J Adams
Research Interests: Neuroscience and membrane physiology using electrophysiological, molecular biological and fluorescence imaging techniques to study membrane receptors and ionic channels and calcium signalling.

Dr Thomas Angelovich
Research Interests: HIV, ageing, Neuroinflammation, Cardiovascular disease

Dr Juliana Antonipillai
Research Interests: Cancer, Cardiovascular disorders, Cell signalling, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Cell biology

Dr Michael Azari
Research Interests: Chiropractic research - Both clinical and basic science (Neuroscience)

Professor Emilio Badoer
Research Interests: Our broad goal is to gain an understanding of the role of the central nervous system (neurotransmitters and pathways) in the regulation of sympathetic nerve activity in normal and cardiovascular disease states.

Dr Sara Baratchi
Research Interests: Cell biology, Mechanobiology, Membrane traffic, Mechanosensitive ion channels, Biomicrofudics

Dr Paul Bertrand
Research Interests: Neurophysiology of the enteric nervous system; control of gastrointestinal function; neuroplasticity; obesity, inflammation, aging; 5-HT transporter; enterochromaffin cells; TRP and pannexin channels; P2X and 5-HT3 receptors.

Professor Stephen Bird
Research Interests: Sport performance and ergogenics, Exercise and Health - Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, Exercise and Aging -SarcopaeniaMasters age group sport

Assoc Professor Steven Bozinovski
Research Interests: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Lung inflamation, Oxidative stress, Respiratory infections, Emphysema

Dr Vincent Chan
Research Interests: Adherence to medicines/quality use of medicines, Medical education, Pharmacy practice & pharmacist interventions, Consumer trust/perceptions in pharmacy settings

Dr Stanley Ming Hang Chan
Research Interests: The pathogenesis of obesity and insulin resistance. Using advanced molecular biology approaches to understand cellular mechanisms and molecular changes in relation to insulin resistance for the identification of new drug targets.

Dr Sonja Cleary
Research Interests: Clinical governance, Health service policy, Acute care nursing, Nursing education and simulation, Management of chronic disease

Professor Marc Cohen
Research Interests: Clinical trial research in complementary medicine, bioenergetics and human energy research system, acupuncture, epidemiological research, health enhancement and wellness.

Dr Russell Conduit
Research Interests: Sleep disorders & treatment, Sleep effects on learning and memory, Complementary & Alternative medicine for sleep, Sleep in children & the elderly, Sleep in developmental disorders such as Autism, Sleep tracking & sleep aid devices

Dr Meaghan Coyle
Research Interests: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, clinical trials, women's health

Dr Alexander De Foe
Research Interests: Body ownership illusions, Virtual reality simulation, Altered states of consciousness, Transpersonal psychology and counselling practice, Neurophilosophy (mind-brain problem)

Dr Pradip Deb
Research Interests: Medical physics: Radiologic Imaging Physics, Dosimetry in computed tomography, Digital radiography, Radiobiology, Radiation protection, Nuclear medicine technology, Radionuclides, Nuclear scattering: proton and neutron scattering with the nucleus, Physics

Dr Yuan Di
Research Interests: Evidence-based public health research; Randomised controlled trial; Systematic review and meta-analysis; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); Smoking cessation.

Dr Mirella Di Benedetto
Research Interests: Lifestyle behaviour change to enhance health and wellbeing; depression and chronic illnesses related to lifestyle; and health coaching. I'm particularly interested in psychological distress (depression, stress, and anxiety) and its impacts on chronic dis

Dr Daniel Dias
Research Interests: Expertise in the fields of natural products chemistry, Metabolomics and analytical chemistry.

Ms Paula Ellenberg
Research Interests: HIV-1 entry pathway into target cells and hosts cell factors that counteract this process

Dr Azharuddin Fazalbhoy
Research Interests: Neuroscience, Pain, Autonomic neuroscience, Somatic motor system, Chronic pain, Muscle pain, Muscle spindles, Sympathetic nervous system, Neurophysiology, Microneurography, Scoliosis

Dr Bryce Feltis
Research Interests: Toxic and inflammatory effects of nanoparticles on human and animal cellular systems, including metabolic and proteomic and cytokine signalling and binding/uptake kinetics.

Dr Jacqueline Flynn
Research Interests: Infectious diseases, HIV-1, Cellular tropism, Viral entry, Virology, Immunology

Assoc Professor Susana Gavidia-Payne
Research Interests: Parenting, behaviour problems, early intervention for children with developmental disabilities.

Assoc Professor Moshi Geso
Research Interests: Experimental nuclear and particle physics, radiotherapy and radioloc imaging physics.

Dr Antonina Govic
Research Interests: The consequence of stress and calorie restriction on emotionally and socio-sexual behaviour, Epigenetic programming of lifelong behaviour by early life events, Amygdala function in anxiety and fear states

Dr Ronda Greaves
Research Interests: Translational clinical biochemistry research focused in paediatric endocrinology, gastroenterology and respiratory medicine. Specific analytical interests include harmonisation of mass spectral based techniques used in laboratory medicine.

Assoc Professor Terence Herbert
Research Interests: Diabetes, Insulin, Beta-cell, Cell signalling, Gene expression, Disease, ER stress, Unfolded protein response, mTOR, Protein synthesis, Amino acid transporter

Dr Elisa Hill
Research Interests: Neuroscience gut-brain axis autism microbiome

Dr Melinda Jackson
Research Interests: Sleep, Sleep disorders, Circadian rhythms, Psychology, Cognition, Memory, Mental health, Depression

Professor Denise Jackson
Research Interests: Thrombosis, platelet biology, mouse models, human platelets, anti-platelet therapy, biochemistry, atherosclerosis, vascular biology.

Dr Jennifer James
Research Interests: Breastfeeding & human lactation, infant nutrition, WHO Code & APMAIF, Maternal & Infant health, maternity care

Dr Trisha Jenkins
Research Interests: I am interested in how brain neurochemistry and anatomy contributes to learning and memory deficits and mood changes in animal models of neurological disease, in particular in deficits associated with psychiatric problems.

Professor Gerard Kennedy
Research Interests: Clinical Psychology, Sleep and Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythms, Biological Basis of Behaviour

Dr Amanda-Jane Kimpton
Research Interests: Evidence-based healthcare practice, Scholarship of learning and teaching in health, Regulation of healthcare

Dr Faith Kwa
Research Interests: Haematological malignancies, Epigenetics, Cancer therapy, Apoptosis

Assoc Professor Noel Lythgo
Research Interests: Biomechanical aspects of sport, exercise and physical activity in pathological and non-pathological populations, improving performance, reducing injury, identifying and correcting movement dysfunction.

Assoc Professor Theodore Macrides
Research Interests: Isolation, purification, characterisation and synthesis of natural products from marine and plant sources with therapeutic activity, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and liver protective properties.

Assoc Professor Phillip Maude
Research Interests: Behavioural emergencies in health care (Aggression, self-harm, suicide). Substance use and abuse. Sexual Health and HIV. History

Dr Brian May
Research Interests: Chinese medicine, evidence based medicine, systematic reviews, clinical trials, pre-modern and classical literature on clinical use, history of Chinese medicine, regulatory and quality control issues, herbal agriculture

Dr Ian McGrath
Research Interests: Healthcare information systems, Usability and utility analysis, Quantitative analysis, Healthcare

Dr Jonathan McQualter
Research Interests: Stem cells, Lung regeneration, Respiratory diseases, Remodelling, Fibrosis

Dr Alyson Miller
Research Interests: Dr Miller's research involves the study of key mechanisms that regulate cerebral artery function in health and during vascular disease; and the identification of novel targets for the treatment of brain injury after stroke.

Dr Juan Carlos Molero - Navajas
Research Interests: Diabetes, obesity, muscle function, drug discovery, cell biology, energy metabolism, insulin action.

Dr Raymond Myers
Research Interests: Clinical trials into effectiveness of osteopathic practice

Dr Cindy O'Malley
Research Interests: Haemostasis

Dr Narin Osman
Research Interests: Cell signalling, proteoglycan biochemistry, pathology and cell biology of cardiovascular diseases especially atherosclerosis and diabetes-related vascular disease.

Professor Antonio Paolini
Research Interests: Sensory systems, Tinnitus, Neuroscience, Environment and effects of brain, Biochemistry and behaviour, Neural implants, Bionics

Dr Roula Papadopoulos
Research Interests: Learning and teaching scholarship, the pathological effects and impact of therapy of multiple myeloma. I have led LTIF, STeLR and Seed grants in the area of blended learning, e-learning, and inter/cross-disciplinary learning.

Dr Tamara Paravicini
Research Interests: Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Vascular function, Pharmacology, Magnesium transport and signalling, Molecular mechanisms of disease

Dr Shefton Parker
Research Interests: Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Community Health, Community Engagement, Psoriasis

Dr Samantha Passey
Research Interests: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Skeletal muscle wasting; Muscle cell biology and tissue engineering; inflamation and muscle health; Muscle metabolism and oxidative stress

Assoc Professor Terrence Piva
Research Interests: Investigating the effect of ultraviolet light on skin cells with regard to the expression and release of bioactive molecules. (b) Efect ofnanoparticles on cell function. (c) Effect of PCOS on haemostatic parameters.

Dr Simon Potocnik
Research Interests: Microvascular, endocrine, renal, vascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, surgery, microvascular physiology and cell biology.

Dr Dodie Pouniotis
Research Interests: Cancer immunotherapy, cancer cell biology specifically macrophage function and the role of tumour stroma in tumour growth and metastases.

Professor David Pow
Research Interests: Neuroscientist and cell biologist, Molecular mechanisms and cellular function through to broad anatomical and functional properties of the nervous systems..

Dr Michelle Rank
Research Interests: Stroke, Spinal cord injury, Neuroplasticity, Exercise intervention, Functional recovery of movement, Neural networks, Patch clamp electrophysiology, Synaptic properties, Neuroanatomy, Neuropharmacology

Dr Imogen Rehm
Research Interests: Obsessive-compulsive related disorders, Anxiety, Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Digital health, Geropsychology, Clinical psychology

Dr Amy Reichelt
Research Interests: Obesity, diet, Cognition, Learning, Memory, Attention, Adolescence, Alzheimer's disease, Addiction, Behavioural neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Dementia, Prefrontal cortex, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Anxiety, Microbiota, Exercise

Assoc Professor Samantha Richardson
Research Interests: Effects of thyroid hormones on neural stem cells. Mechanisms of transthyretin amyloid formation. Evolution of protein structure/function relationships. Evolution of thyroid hormone distribution systems.

Professor Stephen Robinson

Dr Isaac Selva Raj
Research Interests: Exercise for the older adult population, Eccentric or eccentrically-biased resistance training, Trip recovery, Functional capacity

Dr Madeleine Shanahan
Research Interests: Digital Imaging, Image quality, Radiography, Dosimetry, Educational Technology

Ms Leanne Sheeran
Research Interests: Child health & development, Maternal health & wellbeing, Motherhood, Infant mental health, Breastfeeding, Child nutrition, Family Wellbeing, Vulnerable families, Early parenting, Assessment, screening, Working in partnership, Group work

Dr Johannah Shergis
Research Interests: Chinese medicine, Herbal medicine, Clinical trials, Respiratory medicine; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma

Dr Luba Sominsky
Research Interests: Early life onset of obesity, Perinatal programming of reproductive development, The role of metabolic hormones in ovarian function; Neuroinflammation, Stress and behaviour

Assoc Professor Sarah Spencer
Research Interests: Perinatal programming of adult behaviour, stress, and immune function. The impact of obesity on responses to stress and immune challenge, Ghrelin's role in stress and neuroprotection after ischaemic stroke.

Professor Ieva Stupans
Research Interests: Scholarship of learning and teaching in health, Pharmacy education

Dr Man Yuen Daniel Sze
Research Interests: Natural Products, Immunotherapy, Bioinformatics, Cancer immunology, Cancer stem cells, Immunomodulation

Dr Thilini Thrimawithana
Research Interests: Drug delivery, in particular antisense oligonucleotide and peptide delivery to the eye, Biodegradable polymers as drug delivery platforms.

Dr Mary Tolcos
Research Interests: Brain development, Perinatal brain injury, Fetal growth restriction, Prematurity, Fetal hypoxia, Neuroprotection, Myelination, White matter injury, Cerebellum, Cerebral palsy

Dr Celine Valery
Research Interests: Amyloid, Peptide self-assembly, Nanostructure, Bionanotechnology, Pharmaceutical formulation, Biophysics

Dr Dein Vindigni
Research Interests: Indigenous health, Health promotion, Clinical neurology, Chronic disease management

Assoc Professor Ross Vlahos
Research Interests: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Lung inflammation, Oxidative stress, Respiratory infections, Emphysema

Dr Yanyi Wang
Research Interests: Evidence-based acupuncture research, Randomised controlled trial, Systematic review and meta-analysis, Headache and pain management research

Professor Owen Woodman
Research Interests: Endothelial function in health and disease. Effect of diabetes on vascular function. Flavonols as lead compounds in drug development for cardiovascular disease.

Assoc Professor Paul Wright
Research Interests: Nanotoxicology and nonosafety research; smart development of nanotechnologies and nonomaterials using the safety-by-design approach. Immuno- and biochemical toxicology (occupational and environmental), chemical risk assessment.

Dr Sophia Xenos
Research Interests: Child and family wellbeing; student wellbeing; psychopathology; parenting; cross-cultural psychology

Professor Charlie Changli Xue
Research Interests: Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture clinical trials.

Professor Jiming Ye
Research Interests: Drug discovery for diabetes, molecular pharmacology and target identification. Research projects include lipid synthesis, ER-stress and insulin resistance in cells and animal models.

Assoc Professor Simon Young
Research Interests: Drug delivery, especially related to hydrogels and release rate determination and modelling from novel formulations and relationship to physico-chemical characterisation.

Dr Xinmei Zhang
Research Interests: Chronic disease, Metabolic disease

Dr Shui Qing Zhang
Research Interests: Evidence-based medicine research on Chinese medicine, including systematic reviews on modern literature and classical literature, clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture/Chinese herbal medicine and clinical research methodology.

Assoc Professor Zhen Zheng
Research Interests: Acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine for managing acute and chronic pain, the role of electro-acupuncture in multi-disciplinary pain management, the use of acupuncture in primary care.

Ms Wenyu Zhou
Research Interests: Chinese medicine, Evidence based medicine, Systematic reviews, Clinical trials.

Dr Xiu Zhou
Research Interests: Novel therapeutic approaches and molecular mechanisms for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Dr Malihe Abdollahian
Research Interests: Statistical quality control and its applications in: manufacturing industry, air pollution control, software quality, univariate and multivariate processes, health industry and the banking system.

Professor Michael Adams
Research Interests: Spectrochemical analysis, data manipulation and analysis, chemometrics applied to the interpretation of spectrochemical data (including NMR, IR, XRF, AAS ICPMS) as used in food, pharmaceutical, forensic analysis and characterisation.

Dr Eric Adetutu
Research Interests: Molecular microbial ecology (including mycology), Application of next-gen sequencing tools to Environmental microbiology, Bioremediation microbiology of extreme environments.

Assoc Professor Benu Adhikari
Research Interests: Food engineering, Spray Drying/Microencapsulation, Micro/Nano emulsion, Food Proteins, Biodegradable packaging

Dr Vural Aksakalli
Research Interests: Machine learning, Stochastic optimization, Applied probability and statistics

Professor Toby Allen
Research Interests: Computational biophysics, Statistical mechanics, Physical chemistry, Neuroscience, Bionanotechnology, Ion channels, Membranes and membrane proteins

Assoc Professor Graeme Allinson
Research Interests: Environmental chemistry and water quality monitoring, Ecotoxicology, The use of constructed wetlands for waste water and storm water management

Dr Arathi Arakala
Research Interests: Biometric Authentication, Pattern Recognition, Infectious disease modeling

Assoc Professor Colin Arrowsmith
Research Interests: GIS and sustainable tourism, nature-based tourism, GIS and water management, 3D interactive environments and simulation, agent-modelling.

Dr Ravichandar Babarao
Research Interests: Designing novel robust porous framework material targeting energy and environmental applications including capturing and sensing of harmful pollutants, separation of gas mixtures, clean fuel storage and drug delivery

Dr James Baglin
Research Interests: Statistics education, Educational technology, Institutional research, Learning analytics, Applied biostatistics, Sport statistics, and psychometrics

Dist. Professor Andy Ball
Research Interests: The application of molecular microbial ecology techniques to the study of the role of micro-organisms in the degradation of contaminants in the environment.

Professor Vipul Bansal
Research Interests: Advanced Nanomaterials and Biomaterials, Biological and Biomimetic Synthesis of Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials-mediated Drug and Vaccine Delivery for Therapeutic Applications, Biosensing and Diagnostics, Nanocatalysis, Galvanic Replacement (

Dr Zhifeng Bao
Research Interests: Database management, Keyword search over database, Spatial-textual data processing, Heterogeneous data usability, Social network analysis

Assoc Professor Christopher Bellman
Research Interests: Digital photogrammetry, spatial data structures, geographical information systems.

Dr Amanda Benson
Research Interests: Insulin resistance, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal fitness in children and adolescents. Obesity prevention in children and adolescents. Resistance training interventions with children and adolescents (application to health and disease prevention)

Assoc Professor Peter Bertok
Research Interests: Use of the World Wide Web in teaching, learning and program management; deducative databases.

Dr Firew Beshah
Research Interests: Nutrients and heavy metals, solubility and mobility in soil and plant system, interaction of soil microbial and plant roots, analyses of environmental samples, design of experiments at greenhouse and field conditions, environmental statistics.

Dr Sheshanath Bhosale
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Supramolcular chemistry, Sensors, Bioorganic chemistry, Artificial Photosynthesis and organics solar cells utilising surface functionalised nanogaps (so called yoctowells), Core-substituted naphthalene diimides and porphyrins.

Professor Ewan Blanch
Research Interests: Spectroscopy, Biospectroscopy, Raman, Infrared, Proteins, Biophysics, Carbohydrates, RNA, Viruses, Structure, Nanoscience, Nanophotonics, Biotechnology, Nanosensors

Dr Nathan Bott
Research Interests: Molecular ecology and development of surveillance for marine invasive species, Molecular methods to underpin the understanding of marine biodiversity, Aquatic animal health & parasitology

Professor Athman Bouguettaya
Research Interests: Service computing, Web services, Trust, cloud computing, databases.

Assoc Professor Serdar Boztas
Research Interests: Coding and Information Theory, Information Security, Wireless Communications, Sequence Design for CDMA, Cryptology, Cryptanalysis of Block and Stream Ciphers, Complex Networks, Combinatorics.

Dr Robert Brkljaca
Research Interests: Dr Brkljaca¿s research interests are in the field of NMR, including solution and solid state NMR, along with time domain NMR, for characterisation of small molecules, water interactions and various chemical materials.

Professor Gary Bryant
Research Interests: Biophysics, colloid physics, cryobiology, phase transitions, vitrification, biological membranes, remote sensing, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Static Light Scattering (SLS), Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS), Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), So

Dr Peter Carpenter
Research Interests: Soil, air or water monitoring.

Dr Brett Carter
Research Interests: Space Weather and its Effects on GNSS, High latitude and Equatorial Ionosphere, E-region and F-region Plasma Waves and GPS Scintillation, Ionospheric Variability, GNSS Radio Occultation Technique, HF Radar and Radio Propagation

Professor William Cartwright AM
Research Interests: Application of integrated interactive media to representing geography; Web mapping; cartographic design; and art and cartography synergies.

Assoc Professor Lawrence Cavedon
Research Interests: Models of human dialogue interaction, formal methods, architectures for multi-agent systems, logic.

Dr Jeffrey Chan
Research Interests: Machine learning, Data mining, Clustering, Matrix factorisation, Social network analysis, Graph mining, Graph similarities, Graph modelling, Combinatorial optimisation, Dimension reduction

Dr Peggy Chan
Research Interests: Tissue engineering, Tissue scaffolds synthesis and characterization, Injectable hydrogels synthesis and characterization, Hydrogels synthesis for protein delivery, Biomaterials synthesis for drug & gene delivery, Micro-engineering biomaterials, Biomateria

Dr Jayani Chandrapala
Research Interests: Dairy Science and Technology

Dr Xi Chen
Research Interests: Development of plasmonic and graphene nanomaterials for solar energy applications, Enhance the performance of solar devices significantly and realise large-scale renewable energy applications.

Assoc Professor Miao Chen
Research Interests: Chemical sensors, Electrochemistry, Surface chemistry, Synchrotron technology, Corrosion, Biofilm, in situ monitor techniques, Mineral processing, Bioleaching, Environmental remediation, Mining waste management

Dr Suelynn Choy
Research Interests: GNSS/GPS and Satellite Navigation, Precise Point Positioning, GNSS Meteorology, Geodesy and Surveying.

Assoc Professor Victor Ciesielski
Research Interests: Evolutionary computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, genetic programming, robot soccer.

Dr Graham Clark
Research Interests: Algebra, educational technology.

Dr Bradley Clarke
Research Interests: Risk assessment, Chemical exposure, Bio solids, Contaminated land

Assoc Professor Jared Cole
Research Interests: Quantum computing and information theory, spin physics, entanglement and decoherence theory, low temperature electronics

Dr Charlotte Conn
Research Interests: High-throughput design, Structural analysis, and biomedical applications of amphiphile self-assembly materials; Synchrotron SAXS; in meso crystallization; Protein/peptide-bilayer interactions

Assoc Professor Jeffrey Crosbie
Research Interests: Radiation therapy, Synchrotron, Radiation biology, Medical physics, Dosimetry, Microbeams, Treatment planning

Dr Jason Shane Culpepper
Research Interests: Space-efficient data structures, data compression and coding, data streams, bioinformatics, information storage and retrieval, natural language processing, statistical machine learning, and combinatorics on words.

Dr Benjamin Cumming
Research Interests: Photonics, Optics, Nano-photonics, 3D Nano-Printing, Direct Laser Writing, Chirality, Photonic Crystals, Topological photonics, Plasmonics, Adaptive optics, Aberration Compensation, Holographic nano-fabrication

Dr Daryl D'Souza
Research Interests: Evolutionary Art, Computer Science Education, Information Retrieval.

Assoc Professor Clifford Da Costa
Research Interests: Statistics and operations research, surveys, sampling, program evaluation, biostatistics, meta-analysis, statistical methods in meta-analysis and hierarchical linear modelling, clinical trials in Chinese Medicine and Complementary Medicine.

Professor Peter Daivis
Research Interests: Polymer physics, computer simulation equilibrium and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics, statistical mechanics of polymers and fluids soft condensed matter, molecular rheology.

Dr Stephen Davis
Research Interests: Mathematical models of infectious disease; the persistence and distribution of multi-host zoonotic pathogens; contact networks of wildlife; complex networks; graph dissimilarity; infant biometrics.

Assoc Professor John Davy
Research Interests: Building acoustics diffuse field sound insulation, directivity of sound radiation from panels and openings, variance of reverberant sound fields, duct acoustics, microphone turbulence screens, and anechoic rooms.

Professor Margaret Deighton
Research Interests: Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of staphylococcal and streptococcal infections of humans and dairy cattle.

Dr Enrico Della Gaspera
Research Interests: Nanoparticles, Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals, Optoelectronic devices, Inorganic thin films, Synthesis of nanomaterials using wet chemistry methods, Doping of semiconductors, Plasmonics, Sensing, Catalysis

Assoc Professor Marc Demange
Research Interests: Algorithmic graph theory, Computational complexity, Polynomial approximation of NP-hard problems, On-line algorithms, Discrete mathematics, Operational research

Dr Haydar Demirhan
Research Interests: Bayesian modelling, Categorical data analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Environmental modelling, Cryptographic randomness, Probability, Mathematical statistics

Dr Ke Deng
Research Interests: Urban computing, Spatiotemporal data management and analysis, Social networks

Dr Jampaiah Deshetti
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, heterogeneous catalysis in CO oxidation, soot oxidation, elemental mercury oxidation, nanozymes for biomimetic catalysis, 1 D and 2 D materials for photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry

Dr Yan Ding
Research Interests: Finite element method and its applications. Fracture mechanics in small crack initiation, propagation and failure. Composite materials and applications.

Dr Nimet Anil Dolgun
Research Interests: Applied statistics, Biostatistics, computational statistics, logistic regression analysis, categorical data analysis, statistical methods in diagnostic medicine

Dr Hai Dong
Research Interests: Service computing, Semantic search, Ontology, Web services, Information retrieval, Cloud computing, Decision support systems

Professor Edward Doyle
Research Interests: Applying advanced characteristicsation techniques to the analysis and performance of cutting tools, in particular, those used to cut difficult to machine materials. Current research projects are focused on surface coating deposited by cathodic arc evapor

Dr Daniel Drumm
Research Interests: Solid state physics, Defects in semiconductors, Ab initio calculations, Biophotonics, Raman analysis

Assoc Professor Johan Du Plessis
Research Interests: Surface analysis techniques, surface and interfacial segregation.

Professor Matt Duckham
Research Interests: Geographical information science, Spatial algorithms, Distributed algorithms, Geovisualization, Cartography, Spatial databases, Geosensor networks, Emergency information systems, Computational movement analysis

Professor Andrew Eberhard
Research Interests: Nonsmooth analysis extends classical calculus to the domain of nondifferential functions and has application in diverse fields including control theory, optimization, PDE theory and economic modelling.

Professor Rick Franich
Research Interests: Medical and Radiotherapy Physics, radiation transport modelling, Health Physics, Ion Beam Analysis

Dr John Gear
Research Interests: Numerical analysis, Fluid dynamics, Computational fluid dynamics, Applied mathematics and Mathematical biology.

Mr Steven Gehly
Research Interests: Orbit Determination, Multitarget Estimation, Initial Orbit Determination, Sensor Allocation, Space Situational Awareness

Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
Research Interests: Internet of things, Social media analysis, Data management, Process management, Cloud computing, Collaboration management

Dr Stelios Georgiou
Research Interests: Statistical Experimental Designs, Saturated and Supersaturated designs, Weighing designs, Latin Hypercube designs. Biostatistics. Data Analysis. Combinatorial Designs, Sequences with Zero Autocorrelation. Information and Coding Theory. Cryptography.

Assoc Professor Brant Gibson
Research Interests: Diamond, Fluroescent nanoprobes, Wide band gap materials, Single photon sources, Quantum information, Hybrid integration, Fibre optics, Photonics, Biophotonics, Optical, Confocal and atomic force microscopy

Professor Harsharn Gill
Research Interests: Diet, health and disease, Digestion and nutrient bioavailability, Nutritional immunology, Nutritional genomics, Gut and immune health, Probiotics and prebiotics, Gut microbiota in health and disease, Metabolic syndrome

Dr Kirill Glavatskiy
Research Interests: Nano-scale transport, Nonequillibrium thermodynamics, Heterogeneous thermodynamics, Physical chemistry

Dr Daniel Gomez
Research Interests: Plasmonics, Nanocrystals, Quantum dots, Nanophotonics, Photochemistry, Spectroscopy, Nanofabrication

Ms Elisabeth Gorczyca
Research Interests: Food microbiology including food spoilage and food safety for a range of commodities, shelf-life extension studies, fish and meat processing and physiochemical characteristics of foods.

Assoc Professor Danilla Grando
Research Interests: Clinical microbiology, especially infection control and golden staph tracking.

Assoc Professor Donald Grant
Research Interests: Geodesy, Cadastral Survey

Dr Tamar Greaves
Research Interests: High throughput synthesis, Characterisation and data analysis, Ionic liquids, Amphiphile self-assembly, Physical chemistry, Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

Professor Andrew Greentree
Research Interests: Physics, Quantum information service, Quantum optics, Diamond, Quantum phase transitions, Quantum transport, Quantum devices.

Dr Ian Grundy
Research Interests: Fluid dynamics, Optimisation using Heuristic Methods (e.g. Particle swarm optimisation, Genetic algorithms, Evolutionary programming)

Assoc Professor Tao Gu
Research Interests: Mobile and pervasive computing, Wireless sensor networks, Distributed network systems, Data analytics, Online social networks.

Dr Joanne Hall
Research Interests: Error correcting codes, Cryptography, Combinatorial designs, Quantumn key distribution

Assoc Professor Margaret Hamilton
Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction involving Mobility, Computer Science Education, software engineering in mobility, modelling, testing, ethnography; CS education in problem-solving, employability and academic integrity.

Dr Fengling Han
Research Interests: Network security, biometric authentication and digital information protection, chaotic cryptography

Professor John Handmer
Research Interests: Risk and resilience; human dimensions of floods and wildfires.

Dr Ken Harima
Research Interests: GNSS, Precise positioning and navigation, Space based GNSS augmentation systems

Assoc Professor James Harland
Research Interests: Logic programming; linear logic; proof theory; automated reasoning; agent programming languages; goals in agent systems ;reasoning techniques for agent systems and other complex applications; formal methods; the busy beaver problem; universal Turing mach

Professor John Hearne
Research Interests: Operations Research, spatial optimisation, natural resource modelling

Professor Kathryn Horadam
Research Interests: Information security, particularly biometrics; applied algebra and combinatorics, particularly cocyclic matrices, error-correcting codes and nonlinear cryptographic functions; and complex networks.

Assoc Professor Helmut Hugel
Research Interests: Innovative organic synthesis and chemical analysis in the areas of applied medicinal chemistry, synthesis of natural products and materials chemistry.

Dr Jeffrey Hughes
Research Interests: Applications of chemometrics in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, soil chemistry, chemistry of nutrients and metals in aquatic environments.

Dr Tien Huynh
Research Interests: Photobiology (Oncology) Research, Neuropharmacology (Neuroscience) Research, Cardiovascular Research, Orchidology Research

Dr Taghrid Istivan
Research Interests: Molecular detection, identification and virulence of bacterial pathogens. Toxins of Gram-negative bacteria. Developing effective veterinary vaccines against bacterial pathogens. Investigating novel technologies for tumour treatment.

Dr Neale Jackson
Research Interests: Occupational health and safety management systems, dangerous goods, hazardous substances, occupational health and safety education and training risk management.

Dr Jan Jeske
Research Interests: Quantum physics, Open quantum systems, Decoherence, Ultra-sensitive laser magnetometry, Quantum effects in photosynthesis

Professor Simon Jones
Research Interests: Remote sensing, geographic information systems, spatial data uncertainty, land-cover mapping, monitoring and modelling, bushfires, tropical ecosystems, ground verification (in situ observations).

Assoc Professor Oliver Jones
Research Interests: Analytical chemistry, - especially gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and NMR spectroscopy. Biochemistry - especially metabolomics and related data processing techniques. Environmental toxicology - particularly of contaminants of emerging

Dr Lathe Jones
Research Interests: Materials science, Applied chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Electrochemistry.

Dr Ahmad Kandjani
Research Interests: Nano semiconductor, Photocatalysis, Nano-patterning, Chemical and optical sensors, Wastewater treatment and purification, Inorganic/organic heterojunction semiconductor devices, Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy

Professor Stefan Kasapis
Research Interests: Chemistry-structure-function relationships of plant/marine/bacterial, polysaccharides in model systems, and in the presence of proteins, lipids and other co-solutes (e.g., sugars) or bioactive compounds (e.g.,antioxidants) in order to develop novel produc

Dr Belinda Kennedy
Research Interests: Plant science, Plant tissue culture, Plant physiology, Australia native plants.

Assoc Professor Ibrahim Khalil
Research Interests: Wireless sensor networks (energy efficient routing protocol); WIFI (dist AP provisioning, protocol), AdHoc; content networking (anycasting, multicasting, video streaming; QoS, traffice engineering (MPLS), automated network resource provisioning.

Dr Ashfaq Khan
Research Interests: Physical Process Modelling, Optimisation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Rheology, Biological Processes

Miss Natalie Kikidopoulos
Research Interests: Development of therapeutic proteins for the treatment of human disease, Sound background in bioinformatics, Experience with molecular cloning techniques, Expression and purification of recombinant proteins and analysis of protein structure and function

Professor Kay Latham
Research Interests: Supramolecular chemistry synthetic, crystallographic and theoretical studies on metal-substituted organophosphonates, Zeolites synthesis, application and fundamental studies using synchrotron x-ray techniques to explore their crystallisation mechanisms.

Professor Ann Lawrie
Research Interests: Plant-microorganism interactions especially fungal pathogens, mycorrhiza, nitrogen fixation, use of molecular biology for diagnosis and control, mycology (fungi) and plant pathology.

Professor Xiaodong Li
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence; learning algorithms; neural networks; connectionist learning models; evolutionary computation; genetic algorithms; parallel GA; genetic programming; artificial life; complex systems; adaptive systems; emergent behaviours; cellular

Dr Yanqun Liu
Research Interests: Seminfinite programming and applications. Linear and integer programming. Global optimization. Computational optimal control.

Dr Gang-Jun Liu
Research Interests: Geography, ecology, remote sensing, geographical information systems, spatial analysis, environmental modelling, and regional sustainable development.

Dr Yousong Luo
Research Interests: Partial differential equations, nonsmooth analysis, optimization and control.

Professor James Macnae
Research Interests: Salinity, applications of electromagnetic prospecting.

Professor Ian Macreadie
Research Interests: Molecular, Viral and cellular biology, Mitochondrial biogenesis, Yeast genetics, Yeast expression systems, Biotechnology, Parasitology, Alzheimer's disease, Drug discovery, Assay development, Nutrition and disease prevention

Dr Ivan Maksymov
Research Interests: Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Magneto-plasmonics, Nonlinear optics, Acoustics, Metamaterials, Spin waves, Ferromagnetic resonance, Magnonics, Spintronics, Numerical modelling

Professor Neil Mann
Research Interests: Nutrition, meat and fat in the diet, prehistoric nutrition, Diet through evolution, diet and metabolic syndrome. Diet, obesity and diabetes research

Dr Nitin Mantri
Research Interests: Functional genomics: Genomics of biotic/abiotic stresses, Genetics of flavour development; Pharmacogenomics: Quality control and mode -of-action of traditional medicinal plants using genomics tools.

Dr Bee May
Research Interests: Drying of food, lycopene in tomato, product development and food safety.

Dr Lynne McArthur
Research Interests: Environmental and natural resource modelling of the impacts of invasive species, analysis of solar and wind generated energy, and investigating the impacts of climate change on frequency of dust storms, drought and floods.

Professor Dougal McCulloch
Research Interests: Microscopy and microanalysis, thin film coatings, carbonaceous solids.

Dr Peter McKay
Research Interests: Organic synthesis of compounds of medicinal significance

Assoc Professor Barry Meehan
Research Interests: Environmental science.

Dr Nicolas Menicucci
Research Interests: Quantum information theory, Quantum computation, Quantum optics, Relativistic quantum information

Dr Nedaossadat Mirzadeh
Research Interests: Anti-cancer gold compounds containing flavonoids, Gold compounds with improved biological activities, Organometallic compounds and catalysis

Assoc Professor David Mitchell
Research Interests: Land administration and management. Land tenure in the Asia Pacific. Disaster management. Cadastral surveying.

Professor Rob Moore
Research Interests: Molecular microbiology, Vaccines, Probiotics, Bacterial pathogenesis, Microbiota effects on health and productivity, Bioinformatics, Genome sequencing, Bacteriocins, Live bacterial vectors for in vivo delivery of recombinant proteins

Assoc Professor Aidyn Mouradov
Research Interests: Systems biology of plants and algae: Biochemistry of metabolic pathways in plants and algae Re-programming of metabolic pathways for improved plant and animal health, productivity and biofuel production; Chloroplast genome transformation in plants and alg

Dr Lisa Newman
Research Interests: Dietary habits and behaviours of children specifically autistic children, Eating behaviours that are associated to taste and how it lints to overweight/obesity

Professor Ambrogina Nicoletti
Research Interests: Bioactive agents, particularly antimicrobial agents, bioprofiling and mechanistic studies, cell-drug-microorganism interactions.

Dr Robert Norman
Research Interests: Space weather, the earth's ionosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, meteorology, weather forecasting, geometrical optics, ray tracing techniques, geodesy, GPS radio occultation, tomography and mathematical modelling techniques.

Professor Dayanthi Nugegoda
Research Interests: Aquatic and terrrestrial ecotoxicology, biomarkers, heavy metals, pesticides, salinity, endocrine disruption.

Dr Michael Nyblom
Research Interests: Discrete and combinatorial mathematics with appliction to computer science.

Dr Antony Orth
Research Interests: Optics, Microscopy, Endoscopy, Micro optics, Micro optical fabrication, Fluorescence microscopy, Image processing

Professor Andrew Osborn
Research Interests: Microbiology, Enviromental microbiology/Microbial ecology/Molecular microbiology, Biotechnology (Enviromental biotechnology) Enviromental science (Polution and Nutrient cycling)

Assoc Professor Melih Ozlen
Research Interests: Operations research, Combinatorial optimisation. Mathematical programming, Multi objective optimisation

Dr Christopher PILLIDGE
Research Interests: Food microbiology, Ezyme tests and DNA methods (NGS and PCR methods), Aseptic techniques, Culturing and maintenance of strain collections and databases

Professor Lin Padgham
Research Interests: Intelligent agents, agent based simulation, disaster management and urban planning applications, human behaviour in simulation, validation

Professor Edwin Pang
Research Interests: Plant molecular genetics, plant breeding methodologies, oil seeds, plant biotechnology.

Dr Daniele Pelliccia
Research Interests: X-ray physics, Medical imaging, Imaging and physical optics, Synchrotron physics

Dr Mikhail Perepletchikov
Research Interests: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software Design Methodologies, Software Quality, Software Products Metrics

Dr Selvakannan Periasamy
Research Interests: Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Mesoporous materials, Homogenous & heterogeneous catalysis, Surface Analytical characterization of Catalysts, SERS based chemical and biochemical sensing, CO2 removal and Gas to Liquid (GTL) fuels conversion.

Assoc Professor Nichola Porter
Research Interests: Environmental analysis using a variety of techniques.

Dr Kai Qin
Research Interests: Computational intelligence, Global optimization, Evolutionary computation, Pattern recognition, Marching learning, Image processing, Computer vision, Remote sensing, Biometrics and Massively parallel computing.

Dr Rajesh Ramanathan
Research Interests: Modified version Biological and biomimetic synthesis of nanomaterials, Ionic liquids mediated self-assembly of nano(bio)materials, Organic semiconducting materials, Bio-templated nanostructured materials for applications in: biosensing and electronics.

Dr Paul Ramsland
Research Interests: Structural roles of carbohydrates and glycoproteins in immunity and infection (structural glycobiology); crystallography; solution scattering; computational modelling; automated docking; bioinformatics

Professor Asha Rao
Research Interests: Applying algebraic techniques to communications, coding and information theory. discovery of new error-correcting codes, management and standardisation issues and information security policy, monitoring of standards and policy.

Dr Telukutla Reddy
Research Interests: Medicinal Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Cancer drug discovery, Synthesis of bio active gold, platinum and ruthenium based metal complexes as cancer chemo therapeutics.

Dr Philipp Reineck
Research Interests: Nano- and microscale light-matter interactions: sub-wavelength control of light propagation, energy and charge transfer processesNano-fabrication/sensing: bio-sensing, nanoparticle synthesis, self-assembly, device fabrication

Dr Karin Reinke
Research Interests: Spatial analysis and animal telemetry, issues of spatial data quality, uncertainty and scale in environmental information, remote sensing and analysis of vegetation condition and wildfire.

Dr Yongli Ren
Research Interests: Web search, Collaborative filtering, Recommender system, Data mining, Log analysis

Assoc Professor Colin Rix
Research Interests: Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Toxicology, Analysis with Ion Selective Electrodes, Rheological studies of Biopolymers and metallo-gels, Preparation of layered compounds and metal-oxide sensors; physico-chemical studies of Biopolymers, such as tannins,

Mr Trevor Rook
Research Interests: Organic synthesis, particularly of pharmaceuticals; molecular modelling.

Dr Vera Roshchina
Research Interests: Optimisation, Nonsmooth analysis, Conic programming, Real complextity

Professor Salvy Russo
Research Interests: Quantum Modelling of Electronic and Optical properties, Development of Multi-scale Modelling techniques, Atomistic Modelling of zero, one and two Dimensional Nano-materials, Molecular Dynamics & Monte-Carlo Modelling

Dr Caspar Ryan
Research Interests: Mobile and Pervasive Computing (esp. energy efficiency, computational offloading and application partitioning); Software Engineering (esp. maintainability and empirical), Smart Grid and Industrial Automation

Dr Ylias Sabri
Research Interests: Chemical sensing, material science, mercury monitoring, catalysis and removal, nanomaterial's, solid state transducers.

Dr Flora Salim
Research Interests: Ubiquitous computing, Context-aware computing, Sensor network, Data analytics and visualisations, Human-computer interaction, Tangible interactions, Adaptive systems, Mobile computing, and intelligent transportation systems.

Assoc Professor Sebastian Sardina
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, Knowledge representation and reasoning, Reasoning about action and change, Intelligent agents, Automated planning

Dr Adrian Schembri

Assoc Professor Falk Scholer
Research Interests: Information retrieval; search engines; past queries and query log analysis; query refinement and expansion; document summarisation; retrieval models; document surrogates; efficient indexing and data structures.

Assoc Professor Sergei Schreider
Research Interests: Application of mathematical programming (LP, DP and non-linear optimisation techniques) in economic modelling; Environmental modelling and water resources management; game theory and cooperation.

Dr Esmaeil Shahsavari
Research Interests: Environmental microbiology and biotechnology, Bioremediation, Phytoremediation

Professor Robert Shanks
Research Interests: Investigation of the chemical structure and microstructure of polymers and polymer blends and how this affects physical, thermal and mechanical properties.

Assoc Professor John Shepherd
Research Interests: Analysis of nonlinear problems arising in science and engineering. Application of analytical techniques, notably perturbation methods to such problems.

Dr Farrokh Sherkat
Research Interests: Probiotic and synbiotic yoghurt, Pulsed Electric Field and Ultrahigh Pressure treatment of milk and diary products, soybean-based functional foods (soy milk extraction and ultra filtration, tofu yeild and texture, value-adding to soy pulp (Okara) and soy-

Assoc Professor Jeff Shimeta
Research Interests: Coastal and marine ecology, particularly relating to invertebrates and protozoa; Biomechanics of organism-flow interactions; Microbial food-web dynamics and nutrient cycling; microbial activities in impacted marine sediments; Settlement of marine inverteb

Professor Mark Shortis
Research Interests: Video measurement systems for tracking of aerospace models, Fisheries and aquaculture stock assessment, Underwater habitat monitoring, Geometric and radiometric calibration of video and digital cameras.

Dr Ravi Shukla
Research Interests: Molecular & Cell biology; Material-cellular interactions; Cancer nanotechnology; Nano-enabled proteomics and molecular target Identification; Advanced nanomaterials & biomaterials for imaging, drug delivery and theranostics.

Dr Anne Sibbel
Research Interests: Research focused on promoting public health and nutrition through effective management of food and environmental resources, with particular interests in exploring sustainable ways to improve food security is vulnerable communities

Dr Dhirendra Singh
Research Interests: Agent-based modelling and simulation; Social simulation; Intelligent agent systems; Belief-Desire-Intention agents; Agent programming; Machine learning

Assoc Professor Darryl Small
Research Interests: Carbohydrate and vitamin analysis, enzyme assay and characterisation, functionality of proteins in foods, grains and grain-based foods, baked products and Asian noodles and staling and storage properties of bread.

Professor Peter Smooker
Research Interests: Targeting of the immune system, DNA vaccines, bioinformatics, protein structure/function, malaria.

Dr Andy Song
Research Interests: Machine Learning. Learning in Mulit-agent Environment. Evolutionary computation. Texture Analysis

Dr Sarvesh Kumar Soni
Research Interests: Biomacromolecular and Bio-catalytic self-assembly, Bionanotechnology, Enzymology, Microbial biotechnology

Dr Mariela Soto-Berelov
Research Interests: Landuse - cover change mapping, Forest mapping, Earth observation

Assoc Professor Michelle Spencer
Research Interests: Computational molecular modelling of the structure and properties of materials, in particular surface and interfacial phenomena: adhesion, adsorption, nanomaterials, coatings. Methods: quantum mechanics (DFT, HF) and classical molecular dynamics.

Dr Maria Spichkova
Research Interests: Software and Systems Engineering, Formal Methods and human aspects thereof, Verification-Oriented Requirements Engineering, Specification and Verification of Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Dr Damiano Spina
Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Voice & Conversational Search, Social Media

Dr Andrew Stacey
Research Interests: Fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and wavelets.

Professor David Stalker
Research Interests: Agricultural biotechnology, plant biotechnology, sustainable agricultural systems.

Dr Martin Stebbing
Research Interests: The neurobiology of neuropathic pain and the physiology of sensory systems in the periphery and the spinal cord.

Professor Trevor Stevenson
Research Interests: Plant genomics, molecular biology, plant and agricultural biotechnology.

Dr Slobodanka Stojkovic
Research Interests: Interests are in water quality, and performance of microbial and algal communities within water bodies. More specifically, current research is focused on microbial communities associated with plastic pollution within water.

Professor Lewi Stone
Research Interests: Mathematical biology

Dr Stella Stylianou
Research Interests: Statistics, Experimental designs

Dr Lola Suarez
Research Interests: Remote sensing of vegetation biophysical properties using passive and active sensors and modeling. Impact of image spatial resolution on remote sensing products.

Professor Gregory Tannock
Research Interests: Virology especially influenza and avian diseases.

Dr James Tardio
Research Interests: Catalysis, oxidation and adsorption based water treatment processes, materials science, hydrometallurgical processes.

Professor Zahir Tari
Research Interests: General areas: distributed systems, middlewares, web services, pervasive computing. Specific topics: caching, load balancing, security, mobility, reliability, adaptability, service discovery.

Assoc Professor Susanne Tepe
Research Interests: Occupational health and safety, OHS governance, action research in industry.

Assoc Professor John Thangarajah
Research Interests: Intelligent Agents. Agent oriented software engineering. Multi-Agent systems.

Dr Charles Thevathayan
Research Interests: Computer Science Learning and Teaching, Verfying Security Protocols, Trust Models, Model Checking

Assoc Professor James Thom
Research Interests: Multimedia search engines, image databases and query languages, text databases and query languages, SGML and XML applications, distributed information retrieval, world wide web applications, intelligent web systems, document management, access control and

Assoc Professor Peter Torley
Research Interests: Food science and technology, Food processing, Food for the elderly, Grains, Rice, Meat, Wine, Extrusion, Sensory analysis, Consumer preference, Ultrasound processing, Rheology, Texture, Synchrotron, Process modelling, Nutrition

Dr Nhiem Tran
Research Interests: Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Soft matter, Self-assembly, High throughput, Lipid, Drug delivery, siRNA, Imaging, Coating, Nanoparticles, Tissue engineering, Antibacterial, Orthopaedic, Implant, Biofilm, Cytotoxicity

Dr Alexandra Uitdenbogerd
Research Interests: Multimedia information retrieval (e.g. music, video, text), Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), search engine technology, readability measurement, pattern matching, compression, computer music (machine listening), recommender systems.

Dr Sylvia Urban
Research Interests: Natural products chemistry (marine and terrestrial), purification and separation science (chromatography), structural characterisation (NMR) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, organic/analytical chemistry.

Dr Thi Thu Hao Van
Research Interests: Molecular biology and microbiology, especially pertaining to antibiotic resistance and virulence of bacterial pathogens development of veterinary vaccines against viral and bacterial pathogens.

Dr Joel Van Embden
Research Interests: Solution-processed solar cells, Semiconductor 'inks', Functional nanostructured, thin-films for energy harvesting, Nanoparticle synthesis & surface science, Design of metal-organic precursors for semiconductor deposition

Dr Philip Vines
Research Interests: Asian language information retrieval, text compression, indexing for text retrieval.

Mr Nicolas Vogt
Research Interests: Physics of Josephson Junction arrays, Quantum information systems, Decoherence in solid state systems

Dr Anna Walduck
Research Interests: Inflammation and Pathogenesis caused by human pathogens. Bacterial pathogens Helicobacter pylori, Chlamydia pneumonia and Staphylococcus aureus as model organisms. Mechanisms underlying vaccine-induced protection against H. phylori, Mechanisms of altere

Dr Luke Wallace
Research Interests: Remote sensing, LiDAR, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Sensor technology, GPS and IMU interigation, Forestry and bushfires

Assoc Professor Lan Wang
Research Interests: Electron and spin transport in devices based on novel quantum materials, Topological insulators, Novel two dimensional semiconductors, Skyrmion systems

Dr Yan Wang
Research Interests: Capture-recapture studies in wildlife biology and epidemiology. Mixture modules. Survival analysis. Statistical analysis in epidemiology and other areas.

Assoc Professor Philip Wilksch
Research Interests: Application of optical techniques to measurement and sensing applications, including: Holography, Interferometry, Speckle Correlation and Interferometry, Fourier Optics, Digital Image Processing, Photometry, Spectrophotometry, Colorimetry, Polarimetry, Op

Assoc Professor Donald Wlodkowic
Research Interests: Bioengineering, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, computer-assisted design (CAD), mechatronics, robotics, automotive electronics and mechatronics, fluidic systems (incl. Microfluidics), Lab-on-a-Chip, MEMS

Mr Sherman Wong
Research Interests: High Pressure, Indentation, Group IV materials, Phase Transformation

Dr Suqin Wu
Research Interests: Geodesy, GPS data processing and GPS applications, especially in precise point positioning (PPP), real-time kinematic positioning (RTK), atmospheric error modelling, GPS radio occultation, indoor positioning, precise orbit determination of satellites etc.

Dr Yang Yang
Research Interests: Precise orbit determination using GNSS and ground-based observations, orbit uncertainty quantification, nonlinear estimation and multi-target tracking for space objects.

Professor Xun Yi
Research Interests: Date privacy, Privacy-preserving data mining, Network security protocols, Mobile and wireless communication security protocols, Applied cryptography, E-Commerce security, Mobile agent security

Dr Zengji Yue
Research Interests: Material science, Photonics

Dr Fabio Zambetta
Research Interests: 3D learning agents, soft computing, human and facial animation, AI in games.

Dr Qiming Zhang
Research Interests: Micro/nano photonic devices, Optical data storage, Super-resolution imaging

Assoc Professor Xiuzhen Zhang
Research Interests: Data Mining, Text mining, Data analytics, Machine learning

Professor Kefei Zhang
Research Interests: GPS/GNSS, geodesy ,atmospheric modelling, radio occultation, indoor positioning and tracking, space situational awareness, satellite orbit determination, space weather and severe weather.

Dr Xiangmin Zhou
Research Interests: Social media analysis, Multimedia database and streams, Query processing and query optimization, Cloud data management

Dr Bogdan Zisu
Research Interests: Dairy science, Ultrasonication, Lactose sonocrystallisation, Heat stability of milk proteins, Viscosity of concentrates, Controlling age-thickening, in concentrates, Sweet and acid whey, Caseins, Membrane filtration

Dr Claudio Zorzan
Research Interests: Magneto hydrodynamic waves, Resonant absorption, Applications to solar and plasma physics.

Dr Ron van Schyndel
Research Interests: Computational science, scientific computing on and off the world wide web, digital multimedia watermarking, image and signal processing, digital communications.

Vocational Engineering, Health and Sciences

Dr Rahul Gupta
Research Interests: Polymer nanocomposites, Biodegradable polymers and recycling, Shear and extensional Rheology, Emulsions, Paints etc.

Mrs Gita Pendharkar
Research Interests: Robotic ExoskeletonSensor technology and Sensor SignalProcessing for remote health monitoring, Exercise and sports medicine,Gait analysis in health care areasTelecommunications ¿ VDSL Modems

Dr Zhefei Zhao
Research Interests: Earthquake Engineering, Steel Engineering, Wind Engineering