SPACE Environment Research Centre Top-Up Scholarship

This top-up scholarship is offered through the recently established Australian national research centre - the Cooperative Research Centre for Space Environment Management, administered by the Space Environment Research Centre (SERC).

Value and duration

Up to $15,000 per annum. Duration maximum three years (PhD candidates) or two and a half years (Master candidates).

Number of scholarships available



Students with an approved Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or other competitive postgraduate scholarship are eligible to apply for the top-up scholarship. The scholarship supplements funding provided by other postgraduate scholarships.

To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • have received a full scholarship through a competitive process (e.g. APA)
  • have a degree in space science, astrodynamics, geodesy, geomatics, applied mathematics, space physics, atmospheric science, computer engineering or a related field
  • have excellent analytical, communication and computational skills.

Knowledge and/or experience of satellite orbit determination, orbit propagator, error propagation (variance and co-variance), conjunction analysis, atmospheric modelling and computer programming language(s) will be an advantage.

International applicants may be considered if they have an outstanding CV in the area of research and have received an APA equivalent scholarship through a competitive process.

How to apply

Applicants should contact Professor Kefei Zhang to discuss their eligibility and the topic/area of prospective research. These scholarships are most suited for those who plan to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award.

Open date

Applications are now open

Closing date

The top-up scholarships will remain open until all the positions are filled.

Terms and conditions

Up to $12,000 per annum will be used towards living allowance and up to $3,000 per annum for research support (e.g. travel, field work etc). Actual payment for living allowance support may vary and will be commensurate with background and experience.

Further information

SERC has a strong focus on education and training and offers scholarships for post-graduate students to work within a global centre of excellence and collaborate with the leading international companies and space agencies. SERC offers an attractive combination of university and industry-based post-graduate research related to the space situational awareness from Tracking, Characterisation and Identification of Space Objects, Orbit Determination and Predicting Behaviours of Space Objects, Space Asset Management to Preservation of the Space Environment.


Professor Kefei Zhang