15 February 2011

CSR, Sustainability and Social Policy

This Friday, Assistant Professor Ulrich Foelsche from the University of Graz, Austria, will be visiting the RMIT SPACE Research Centre.


Space research seminar






12.11.19 City campus

Assistant Professor Ulrich Foelsche will present a public seminar entitled "Radio Occultation. A New Tool for Observing Atmosphere and Climate with Higher Accuracy than Ever Before. Assistant Professor Foelsche works at the University of Graz Institute of Physics and is Head of the Meteorological Station, and is Vice-Head of the Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Climate System Research Group at the Wegner Centre for Climate and Global Change. His current research is focused around the use of radio occultation data for global climate monitoring and climate change studies.

Visit the event page within the Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences website at RMIT.

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