Working from home instruction

Instruction statement

RMIT University is committed to providing a safe and healthy place of work for all employees and this applies to employees who work from home. The University also recognises the benefits of flexible-work arrangements for staff.

This instruction applies to all RMIT staff.



Instruction steps and actions

Establishing regular home-based work will be managed in accordance with the Flexible working policy and procedure. In approving regular home-based work, the relevant delegated authority needs to be satisfied that the arrangement meets the requirements outlined below.

Compliance with University Health, safety and security policy is required at all times. The staff member must notify the University of any accident, injury or near misses as a result of carrying out duties necessary to fulfil the requirements of the position, regardless of where the incident occurred.

The following steps must be adhered to in order to comply with this instruction:

  • Approval to undertake regular home-based work (flexible working arrangements).
  • A designated area in the home must be established as the work site.
  • A work station assessment should be completed, using the RMIT setting up your workstation checklist, before commencement of work.
  • The School/Work Unit may arrange and pay for a suitably qualified external contractor to conduct the worksite and workstation assessment. Advice on engaging an external contractor is available from the Human Resources.

Staff working from home on an adhoc basis should complete a workstation assessment using the “setting up your workstation” checklist.

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