27 October 2015

Michael Kean, Exchange to San Diego State University, America

Michael's studies in the US allowed him to meet filmmakers from Hollywood, something that could never be experienced in Australia.

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Communications (Media)

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: California, America

"I went to the US to experience the full college lifestyle as seen on TV and film. The best part was going to frat parties, basketball games, and sharing school pride with other students. I also got to meet filmmakers from Hollywood as part of my Film & Television major, something we couldn't experience directly with our course in Australia.

I travelled for 2 weeks in Boston and New York before semester, and then 2 months afterwards. I saw LA, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Indianapolis, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and New England. "

Exchange in California, America

Image by exchange student Michael Kean