Redevelopment of Building 202 - Levels 2 and 4, Bundoora West

Proposed project and the benefit.

The Building was built in 1972 and the Level 2 (Ground Floor) has undergone partial internal refurbishments a number of times, with major interventions occurring in 1996 and 2002. The current layout is outdate and does not provide efficient spatial use of this central student facing space. The existing space is constrained by the location of the existing café, under used central corridor, lack of access to natural light and restricted views to the Southern and Eastern landscaped area.

The proposed redevelopment will deliver improved student and staff spaces and complete the roll out of the New Academic Street model to the Bundoora campus, consistent with the universal student experiences being rolled out across all RMIT campuses.

Building 202, Level 2 is currently the student focused area on Bundoora campus. The space has large areas of vacant space and presents opportunities for further development and increased centralisation of student services from outlying buildings, including Building 204. In addition to Level 2 Redevelopment works, the building will have small refresh works carried out to the Level 4 at the same time.

Design considerations and Renderings/ images.

During the course of the Design, following aspects were considered:

Master Planning of Building 202, Level 2

Traffic flow between Building 202, Level 2 and external spaces were considered to maximise external landscape view and interaction.

Strategic positioning of Café in the northern corner of floor print to have food serving internally and externally especially to the highly activated northern plaza.

Positioning of RMIT Connect front of house in the centre of floor print with access from northern façade to maximise entry from Spine and the natural light utilisation.

The central corridor has been removed with highly activated student breakout spaces across floor circulation.

Landscaping design to the external spaces connecting to the Spine.

Capturing the Uniqueness of the Bundoora Campus

Although this project expects to provide Bundoora Campus with an NAS level of utility, the design has focused on maximising access/ views to adjacent landscape which is considered a unique aspect of the Campus.

Maximising Utilisation and Flexibility

The design and operation of this space provides flexibility and is able to flip between Student and Staff use.

The Consultation Rooms, Mega Flex Rooms, RMIT Connect front of house and RUSU (part) all will become available for afterhours Student use.

Noting the requirement to improve the connection between this facility and the adjacent Spine, the internal layout has been design to facilitate use of the existing doors in the northern glazed façade.

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Project Updates:

Business Case Approved: July 2017

Decanting of Level 2: 30 September 2017.

Main Works Commencement: 2 October 2017.

Anticipated Works Completion and Operational Handover: January 2018.

Occupation: 5 February 2018

Construction Update Section: (To be updated on fortnightly basis commencing on 2/10/2017. Please check back in October for further updates).

Projected Imagery of Project

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