Personal response systems

Personal Response Systems (PRS) are an in class technology used for engagement, interactivity and formative assessment. Real time class polling and feedback for both you and your students occurs within presentations or via a direct polling application. Results from polling can be displayed to the class for discussion and / or analysis. Reports can be created post class using the polling data. Presentations with PRS questions can be prepared before a class, spontaneously created during a class or a combination of both. Response devices include dedicated handheld units (clickers) and/or internet connected mobile devices (smartphones etc.).

PRS offers the following benefits:

  • The capacity to create an active inquiry-based learning environment for large class groups.
  • Real-time feedback allows teaching staff to align their immediate teaching time to student learning needs rather than following a rigid delivery that is not modified by audience response.
  • Self-assessment questions can check student understanding, while providing formative feedback to both the students and the presenter.
  • Response rates, e.g. the proportion of correct answers, can facilitate immediately adapting lecture content for the group.
  • Generate discussion, e.g. using for and against answers, to promote active learning and the development of conceptual schemas.

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