RMIT provides services to move RMIT staff, IT equipment and AV equipment to new locations across the University. This includes moving staff to a new desk within the same room. The processes, costs and approvals required to request a move are outlined below.

Types of relocations:

  1. Project request
  2. General relocation
  3. Printer relocation
  4. AV equipment relocation

1. Project request

This is a request for a change to your physical environment prior to a relocation. Types of requests include:

  • new power points or relocation of existing power points
  • new cabling works (electrical or data)
  • additional network switch installation
  • additional data ports
  • any alteration to the existing room layout, including any fittings in open plan offices.

If a change to your physical environment is required, please submit a project request to Property Services via the Property Services Project Request Application.

Once the project request is lodged, the relocation will be included as part of any project work. This work will be managed by the project team, which will include Property Services and ITS staff.

2. General relocation

A general or BAU (business as usual) relocation involves the move of staff and/or IT equipment where there are no changes to your physical environment.

Any relocation of this type must be approved by all of the following departments:

  • Property Services Space Management
  • Resource Manager/Nominated Approver of School/Department
  • ITS Field Services (If IT equipment is involved in relocation request).

Note: **5 Business days must be allowed for the approval process (please refer below).

For any general/BAU relocation, the relocation request form Relocation Request Form must be completed.

In addition, the Relocations Spreadsheet (xlsx, 31kb) highlighting all relevant information, must be completed and attached to the Relocation Request form.

Classification and lead times for all general relocation requests:

Small move

Medium move

Large move

Number of people





5 business days

5 business days

5 business days

Support planning

10 business days

20 business days

20 business days

Change to firewall rules (ITS)

20 business days

20 business days

20 business days

Disconnect/reconnect of IT equipment (ITS)

ITS staff

External contractor

External contractor

Move of boxes/furniture (Property Services)

External contractor

External contractor

External contractor

Relocation lead times commence on receipt of the Relocation Request Form and the completed IT Relocation Spreadsheet (which you will attach to the form prior to submission).

IT equipment

ITS are responsible for the disconnection and reconnection of all IT equipment. They also take responsibility for the physical movement (relocation from one place to another) of IT equipment in the following instances:

  • when computers are moved to a location in the same building and on the same floor, and
  • when no more than 10 computers are involved in the move.

For all other relocations, Property Services will arrange for an external contractor to move the equipment.

In the case of medium and large Moves, ITS will provide a staff member to co-ordinate and supervise the engagement and use of an external contractor.

Please note, all costs that involve:

  • the engagement of an external contractor and
  • overtime required by the ITS Supervisor

will be charged back to the college/department requesting the move. In this case, an IO Cost Centre Code must be provided on the Relocation Request Form.

3. Printer relocation

To request the relocation of any Printer, please complete the Online Printing Form (login required).

Please note the following when relocating a Printer:

Allow at least two weeks notice for your request to be processed.

Schools/departments are required to pay all installation and location work costs.

4. AV equipment relocation

All AV equipment relocation requests are considered minor works and must be lodged using the AV Work Request Form (login required).

All AV relocation requests have a minimum lead time of 12 weeks.