The essentials

Be aware

Australia's quarantine laws are very strict and many food items, plants, animal products and some medicines are not allowed into Australia. Ensure you read about Australia's customs regulations.

Book your flight

If you have received your student visa, it's time to book your flight.

Flights fill up very quickly around semester times and you want to make sure that you arrive with enough time to sort out accommodation, finances and settle into your new environment before attending enrolment.

If you cannot arrive by the specified commencement date in your offer letter, please email us.

Arrange airport pick-up

We can arrange an airport pick-up service to transfer you from Melbourne International Airport to your pre-arranged Melbourne accommodation. Simply follow the instructions on the Arrival Services web page

More information about airport pick-up.


There are a range of accommodation options available to suit your requirements and budget.

More information about accommodation options.

Bringing your family

If you wish to bring your spouse or children to Australia, you will need to show that they will be financially supported.

RMIT operates two Childcare centres that can provide high quality care for your children while you attend your classes. You may find that childcare in Australia is relatively more expensive than in your home country. Early bookings are essential.

Full-time education is compulsory for all children in Victoria from the age of five to 15 years, with fees payable each year.

For more information visit the Immigration website.

Essentials to pack

Clothes and shoes for all seasons: jeans, t-shirts, pullovers/jumpers, jackets, casual shirts, casual shoes

Hand luggage: passport with student visa, flight ticket, money, valuables (jewellery, camera, laptop, mobile phone, iPod),

Pack a folder comprising of a copy of your RMIT offer letter, acceptance letter and electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), international driver's license, birth certificate, emergency contact details, accommodation reference, medical records (including blood type and medication details)

Spare pair of glasses or contact lenses

The Australian Government prohibits the carrying of certain illegal drugs, weapons, plant, food or animal products into the country. Please refer to the Customs website for details of items that are prohibited.

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