04 April 2016

Could you be Australia’s latest millionaire?

RMIT student takes out millionaire title has a nice ring to it and this could very well become a reality if you have the guts and wits to take the seat across from Eddie McGuire.

Channel Nine isn’t just looking for people to be part of Hot Seat Millionaire’s studio audience, they are also seeking those keen to be a contestant on the show. If multiple choice is your forte, lights, camera and action don’t phase you, and you have a decent repertoire of general knowledge, why not then take a chance to become a millionaire? Imagine what you would do with a cool mil? Would it fund your studies, your travels, a start-up venture or you’d blow it on a super massive year-long party?

Take a chance and become a contestant today by emailing the following to millionaire@nine.com.au:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • age
  • preferred city (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide).

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