RMIT is committed to incorporating sustainability concepts, principles and practices into learning and teaching within all higher and vocational education programs.

Each school, discipline and group is encouraged to apply sustainable development concepts relevant to their local context, profession-industry standards and government and community priorities.

Graduating into a world that aspires to environmental, cultural, social and economic diversity and equity, students now require knowledge and skills that transcend disciplinary and sector boundaries. Nested within national and international policies, frameworks, principles and practices of Education for Sustainability, our students learn transdisciplinary knowledge and skills, concepts of intergenerational equity, economic-ecological-social integration via collaborative, multi-dimensional, multi-location experiential ‘learning through doing’.

After graduating our students have the capacity to “assess competing viewpoints, values and interests; manage uncertainty and risk; make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, ideas and outcomes; and test evidence and propose creative solutions that lead to improved sustainability”. Their learning experiences at RMIT will help to shape their future professional or industrial practice and equip them to live and work sustainably.

RMIT Vietnam

Student learning is underpinned by content that is relevant to real-world, real-time issues and that reflects both Vietnamese and global context in which our students will live and work.

RMIT Vietnam’s recently formed Sustainability Group is implementing Learning and Teaching for Sustainability initiatives and curriculum development during 2014 and beyond. In addition, RMIT Vietnam already has in place sustainability resources, such as: an Environmental Policy, Sustainability Graduate Attributes and a University Green Guide. For further information go to RMIT Vietnam’s Thinking Green website.

Learning and teaching at RMIT Vietnam is developed within the context of Environmental Policies, as outlined in RMIT Vietnam’s commitments.