RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

17. Staff development


RMIT will implement staff development programs that will offer employees the opportunity to develop their skills and effectiveness within RMIT, and will promote improved performance.


Staff development procedures will be compatible with the development of equal opportunity and affirmative action policies, and offer staff the opportunity for impartial appraisal of their performance and provide avenues to develop in identified areas where appropriate.


Staff must complete relevant compliance-related training within a reasonable timeframe where directed by the University, including bullying prevention, sexual harassment prevention, mental health awareness, Indigenous cultural awareness, and relevant Agreement provisions and policies.


Where an employee commences a supervisory role for an intended period of at least 12 months, they will be provided supervisor training, including relevant Agreement provisions and policies, within six months of commencing the role.


The University will maintain a register of temporary opportunities for professional staff. Where a temporary vacancy of more than 12 weeks duration becomes available, details of the position and how to apply for it will be publicised. Unless urgent, the position will not be filled until at least five days after the vacancy is publicised..

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