Learning and teaching spaces

The learning and teaching spaces available to the College of Business are fitted with innovative technologies and specialised furniture to support a variety of teaching approaches.

We provide resources, one-on-one support and facilitated group information sessions for new teaching staff, and experienced academics looking at adopting new practices.

Opportunities for integrating students' mobile technologies in the classroom environment are also supported, by wireless networking and power/data access.

Learning spaces in the SAB video series

This video series is designed to support staff who are looking for information about learning spaces in the SAB. Five types of learning spaces are presented from two perspectives:

  • animations which describe the affordances of each the spaces.
  • video interviews and demonstrations by five experienced teachers, supported by student observations about their engagement with the spaces.

Learning spaces in the SAB

SAB Professional Development Resources

These resources, to support learning and teaching spaces, were originally available on the SAB Blog.

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Other Spaces

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