25 November 2015

Bundoora campus staff address 4 August 2015

Attendees: 83

Attendees were asked for feedback on whether to maintain smoke free areas at Bundoora, or to relocate the delegated smoking areas. Some of the following observations and suggestions were raised:

Smokers on the city campus are largely new international students, unused to the banning of smoking in public spaces in their home countries

As the new Bundoora West Students Accommodation will have a largely international uptake, consideration for a designated smoking space in or around the lodgings needs to be given

Currently the concentration of smoking to the area outside the cafe makes secondhand smoke worse

Many security staff are smoking in non-designated areas, sending the wrong impression to students [It was noted that the staff should be reported to Property Services]

Some students can be abusive when reminded not to smoke in non-designated areas by staff

A fining system for students caught smoking in non-designated areas could be put in place

Some countries have glassed in cubicles to confine cigarette smoke to a restricted area

The designated areas shouldn’t have comforts like seating, and should be far away from food

It was decided that the topic would be revisited in a staff survey.

Question and answer session

Q. With the closure of the Break 220 Cafe, it felt as if the Bundoora community wasn’t listened to. We wanted to keep the staff operating the cafe, at least till the end of the year. What voice do we have? Could we not have a full time Campus manager based at Bundoora to better understand our needs?

There was certain information we couldn’t disclose about the terms of the lease as negotiations and consultations with the cafe owners were not finalised until late July. A lease extension was discussed, but the terms of the agreement not followed through before the end of lease. However, had we had the opportunity, we would have responded differently regarding communications about the Break 220 closure, and we do regret not being able to inform you of the closure further out from the end of lease date.

In terms of a representation for Bundoora staff, the campus manager must be a member of Vice-Chancellor’s Executive. You may write to the VIce-Chancellor seeking an alternative, however, note that we’ve had many positive achievements that have occurred on campus in the last 12 to 18 months. The securing of the RUSU Realfoods as a future alternative cafe was in response to the student body’s request for more varied, healthy and affordable alternatives, with a selection of vegetarian and halal foods to cater to diverse dietary needs.

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