RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

68. On-call duty


The on-call requirement is initiated by RMIT where there is a requirement for service to be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This clause will only apply to an employee authorised and rostered for an on-call requirement and will require the employee’s agreement. An employee rostered for on-call duty will be available to work remotely and/or be available for recall to duty.


The “on-call allowance” will be a flat rate, which compensates an employee for their readiness for work. On-call allowance rates are:

(a) Monday to Friday: $94.89 per day;

(b) Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday: $150.29 per day.


Shift penalties do not apply to on-call duty.


Where an employee is required to work remotely for a continuous period exceeding one hour, they will be paid at appropriate overtime rates. Provisions in clause 64.13 will not apply as remote access work is not considered recall to duty.


Where an employee is recalled to duty more than twice a month, the employee will be paid subsequent rostered re-call to duty in that month as TOIL.


Prior to on-call work being undertaken, the supervisor and employee can agree to payment of overtime as TOIL. A maximum of 40 hours TOIL may be accumulated at any time and must be taken within eight weeks of that work being performed. TOIL will be taken following approval by the supervisor. TOIL that falls outside of 40 hours will be waived and the equivalent overtime payment will be paid instead.

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