Sharing personal and / or health related information

What you may need to disclose

If you have a personal circumstance, disability, long term illness and / or mental health condition or religious or cultural considerations that you believe may impact upon your WIL Activity and for which you may require support, it is recommended that you notify the University prior to commencing your WIL Activity.

Students living with disability, long term illness and / or mental health condition

The Disability Liaison Unit is a confidential service that provides support for students living with disability, long term illness or mental health condition. To register with the DLU, you need to provide medical documentation about your condition. This information remains confidential. The impact (not the diagnosis) of your condition and the recommended supports (reasonable adjustments) are communicated to the WIL Practitioner via the DLU Plan.

You are under no legal obligation to share the nature of your condition with any other staff within the University. However it is highly recommended that if you believe your condition could create a risk to yourself or to others during the WIL activity, you should discuss this potential impact with the DLU and / or if you are comfortable, the WIL Practitioner/ Coordinator.

If you do decide to share personal health related information with the WIL Practitioner/ Coordinator in order to discuss the impact of your condition on a WIL activity and plan that activity, this information should not be released to WIL partner organisations without your written consent.

Sharing of health related information is a personal decision. The DLU can provide you with information about the pros and cons of sharing personal and health related information.

For further information refer to the WIL Guidelines for Students living with a Disability, long term illness and/ or mental health condition (PDF)

Pregnancy or temporary medical conditions / injuries

Speak directly with your WIL Coordinator / Course Coordinator if you are pregnant or have a temporary injury that may impact upon your WIL activity.

Students of diverse cultural and /or religious backgrounds

It is important to speak with the WIL Coordinator / Course Coordinator if you feel that consideration of cultural or religious background / needs may be required during your WIL activity. Considerations may be made in relation to prayer times and locations, required clothing and so on.